Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sooner or later...

I'm starting to feel like I live inside the movie "The Others." Not because of any ghoulish goings-on, but because I am constantly opening and closing doors. If I don't close the door behind me before I open another one, weird things start to happen. I find tiny little shreds of toilet paper everywhere, for example, or the DVD remote control ends up in my purse. Today, I found a Lowe's gift card in the toilet.

Miriam is a little explorer these days, and so any door left open is an invitation to wreak havoc in that room. We have to be especially careful with the bathroom. She goes almost wild with glee at the sight of a full, unprotected roll of teepee. I feel bad for the guests who come over - I wonder if they're offended at having to use a sloppily re-wound roll whose end has been picked to shreds with tiny fingers.

I've started to check each trash can before I empty it to make sure I'm not inadvertently throwing away one of Miriam's toys or, heaven forbid, the aforementioned remote control.

Now, if Miriam starts drawing pictures of imaginary friends who live in the house, that's when I'll get worried.

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