Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Like a good neighbor: part the second

Mr. Green (our neighbor and the subject - victim? - of the last post) and his mother showed up at our doorstep this morning. The mom did most of the talking and wanted to hear the whole story of what happened, from start to finish. She had been in Mexico over Thanksgiving weekend, along with Mr. Green's older, more responsible brother, and thus was not involved in what had happened at the house on Saturday.

Jeremy told her the story and when he was done, she thanked us for doing what we did. So I was glad she saw the situation the same way we did.

If I had been the one telling the story, with Mr. Green standing right there, I would have left out one part. I also left this part out of the last blog post. The cops had some reason to believe that drugs were somehow involved. Jeremy mentioned this in his retelling of the situation to Mr. Green's mom, but did it in an unsure and tentative manner rather than stating it as a fact. I had hoped that Mr. Green would tell his mom about that part on his own, rather than making his neighbors do it. But I guess she will find out as much from the police later. At least, the way Jeremy passed on the information, Mr. Green will have to do the majority of the explaining himself.

I don't know whether to be relieved that the break-in was not a random event that could have happened to our house just as easily, or to be concerned that, although not random, the break-in was somehow related to drugs. Really, is one better than the other?? I'm not sure what to think of it.

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Random violence, or probable violence. ...



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