Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One man's treasure...

Jeremy and I each just spent ten minutes digging through the trash. Not the tidy little wastebasket next to the computer desk, or even the slightly soggier kitchen trash underneath the sink. Nope - we were digging through the disgusting big green barrel that acts as a dumping ground for all of the trash of the house, and that we roll to the curb once a week for collection. Yuck.

We were looking for a DVD case. A DVD we had checked out from the library is due today, and although the DVD was sitting on top of the DVD player, I couldn't find its case anywhere. It's times like these that I wish Miriam could talk so she could tell me what she did with it!

I looked everywhere in the house she could reach, and a few places she couldn't. I tried to think like her, and even got down on my knees to see if I spotted any places worthy to hide a DVD case in. No success.

Finally, I had an epiphany and realized that she must have put it in the trash. The office trash can is the only one she really has access to, and I remembered emptying it carelessly earlier this week without even a cursory glance at its contents.

So that's why we were digging through the trash barrel. Of course, this would be the week we chose to finally clean up our backyard of some various debris that collected during our absence this summer. So not only was the trash barrel full of regular household waste, there were also rusty nails and prickly, dry, dead bush fragments with sharp thorns.

I was unsuccessful in pulling out the bag with the office trash in it. Fortunately, Jeremy persevered (but with lots of muttering under his breath) and managed to extract the trash bag in question. And lo and behold, we looked inside and there was the DVD case.

The sad thing is that this particular DVD case (and the disc that goes inside of it) would probably have been better off remaining in the trash. I remember liking "Clueless" back when it came out, but maybe that's because I was a 14-year-old girl and didn't really understand the movie. I thought watching it again would be a pleasant trip down memory lane, but instead it was a series of "are they really talking about what I think they're talking about?" and "I don't remember them cussing so much!" moments that culminated in me turning off the movie.

But back to the library it will go, despite Miriam's best efforts to prevent it.


Matthew said...

Bravo for Jeremy. I trust large helpings of good husband points were awarded.

It somewhat reminds me of having lost the car keys while MA was in the hospital giving birth to Danielle. Come to find out, Stella had taken the keys and hid them under the blanket in her crib. Little weasel.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations: another rite of parenting under your belt. Granny.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear! Bridget, that's hilarious!


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