Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Special delivery

Amazon, or UPS, or whoever, really needs to work on their package-delivering skills.

Jeremy was at home alone last night - Miriam and I were at a church activity. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, followed by a loud thump on the doorstep. He wasn't expecting any visitors, and so he ran to the door to check out the situation. As he approached, worried, he looked out the window and saw nothing, but could only hear the screech of tires and roar of an engine as a large vehicle sped away down our street.

For all he knew, it could have been some crazed murderer dumping a dead body on our doorstep (and then ringing the doorbell to alert us to its presence).

Turns out, a package had been delivered. A large package that made a loud thump when the delivery guy threw it (or set it down roughly) at our door. At eight o'clock at night.

I'm just glad Jeremy had the sense not to open it. It was his Christmas present!

Next time, I hope Amazon/UPS/USPS sticks to delivering packages in broad daylight, and maybe sticking around until we open the door so we know what's going on.

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Anonymous said...

We had the same thing happen too. UPS tried delivering a package the day before, but we were at school all day. The left a note saying that they'd come back the next day between 11 and 2 in the afternoon, so we made sure we were home early enough to get the package. Nobody came, so we decided that they had given up for the day. So, we forgot about it. At 9:30 PM, UPS rang our doorbell. 9:30! At least he was there to have us sign the thing, instead of doorbell ditching. Holiday postal crunch?


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