Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No, thank you

I was at Blockbuster last night exchanging a blockbuster.com movie for an in-store rental. You can do that now - it's their way of one-upping Netflix.

I had hardly walked in the store and was looking for a movie on a particular aisle when a man came up to me. He was dressed normally and seemed to be just a regular guy. I mention that you so you know it wasn't one of those random Tucson people who are always hanging around, like the lady I saw at the bus stop one 40-degree morning wearing ratty pants and a bra. Not a sports bra or crop top, an honest-to-goodness brassiere.

Anyway, this man came right up to me and said, "Whatever movie you're getting tonight, it's on me."

I tried not to make eye contact as I refused his generous offer, and then again as he reiterated it several times.

Then he asked me what my name was. I broke that rule and told him. What can I say? He caught me off guard. Then he said, "Bridget, can I take you to lunch sometime?"

Thank goodness for the marriage card. I showed him my ring and told him I was married. He backed off, but not after exclaiming how young I looked and how he didn't think I could be married (if I look so young, what are you doing hitting on me?? I wanted to ask, but didn't). After a few more awkward moments, he left.

When I was checking out the movie and getting ready to walk out to my car, I considered calling Jeremy on the phone so I could be talking to him as I made the long walk across the dark parking lot. Just in case Mr. Unwanted Suitor was out there, waiting. In the end, I decided against it and had the Blockbuster employee watch from the door to make sure I got in my car OK. Am I paranoid? Definitely a little. But you just never know.

The thing is, even if I weren't married, there is no way I would have taken this random guy up on his offer. Do people actually do that - go to lunch with strange men they meet at Blockbuster? Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that.


Anonymous said...

It's worse than that. Women go home w/ guys they meet in bars. Granny

Slade's Trip to Jordan said...

I love that he thought he could pick you up for the price of a rental :) Guys are weird. I had the guy that tried to pick me up in the library parking lot when I had the kids with me. Okay yes I realize that something like more then fifty percent of all children live in single family homes but the sheer smallness of Grace should have been a pretty good indication that there was a good chance I was still with "My Baby's Daddy".


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