Saturday, January 20, 2007


I always thought Jeremy was different from other guys. And he is, in so many ways. But I found out yesterday that there is one way in which he and other men are very, very alike.

For most of my life, I've had very long hair. When we got back from Moscow in 2003, it was a little past my waist. I decided to give 12 inches of it to Locks of Love, but I don't think anyone really noticed the drastic haircut because even a foot shorter, my hair was still very long.

So I gave another 12 inches right before we left for Syria. This time, it was only a few inches past my shoulders - a slightly more noticeable change.

Since then, I've had only a trim, although I often considered chopping it all off again when we were in Jordan and unable to take regular showers. And you must realize that hair (at least mine) grows even quicker during pregnancy, so my hair was again extending down most of my back.

I speak of it in the past tense because yesterday, I took myself (and Miriam) down to the local hair salon and got my hair cut to my shoulders. This is the shortest it's been since kindergarten. I didn't tell Jeremy beforehand, and I was eager to see his reaction when he came home from school.

But he didn't say anything; in fact, to my surprise, he didn't seem to notice at all. The evening wore on - we went for a walk, had dinner, played with Miriam, etc. and no comments about my hair. After Miriam was in bed, we had several face-to-face conversations, and at one point, he even ran his fingers through my hair absent-mindedly. When he did that, I simply couldn't keep myself from bursting out laughing. He tickled me until I told him why. When I confessed that I had cut off the vast majority of my hair, he exclaimed that he had known something was different about me, but couldn't figure out what.

I was so sure he would notice right away - he's always been one of the biggest fans (or perhaps the only fan) of my long hair. But it turns out he's just like every other this respect, at least.


Anonymous said...

In my defense, yesterday was the busiest day of the year for me. I have been trying to catch up on work since last week when Miriam was in the hospital. I worked from morning until 1:00 A.M. preparing information for the UA website about our 2007 Jordan program. I did take a few breaks to go on a walk and play with Miriam. All I can say about not noticing Bridget's hair is that my 'y' chromosome must have temporarily blinded me. Wow! Your hair looks great! Jeremy

Slade's Trip to Jordan said...

I LOVE IT! My hair is currently the longest it has been since Jason and I met. Jason loves it...meanwhile it is driving me crazy! I had to go to the store to get those hair sticks because I kept stealing Jason's pens and pencils and he could never find them. I'd put them up and then Ezra would pull them out so that he could play with my hair. Apparently he as well is into long hair.

Nancy said...

So Bridget, can you clarify this for me: And you must realize that hair (at least mine) grows even quicker during pregnancy, so my hair was again extending down most of my back.

I've been wondering about it for awhile but didn't want to say anything...but I find myself wondering still...

Bridget said...

My hair grew like crazy when I was pregnant. I guess I just assumed it was that way for everyone. Also, you know how you normally shed hair from day to day? Well, for about a year (from when I got pregnant until Miriam was a few months old) I swear I did not lose one single hair. So not only was my hair really long, it was nice and thick, too. It must be nature's way of making pregnant ladies attractive in some way when they're gaining weight everywhere else :).


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