Friday, February 16, 2007

The art of extraction

One of my earliest memories is of our big red shoebox-on-wheels van getting its tape deck replaced. It's kind of a strange event for my memory to single out, but there it is. We had to get it replaced because my little sister Teresa fed it pennies. She had done this before - one of my other earliest memories is of my dad fishing out pennies from the tape deck using a piece of tape on the end of a pencil.

It must be a kid thing, because lately Miriam's favorite activity is feeding the underside of our TV stand various DVDs from our collection. And it is so darn hard to get them out of there. You can see in the picture that it is a very small space beneath the TV stand. She pushes DVD after DVD in there until they are all jammed up against each other. The only way to get them out is to clamber over the speakers, balance precariously behind the TV, and try to snatch them up using a piece of tape on the end of a wooden spoon. I usually find myself performing this task, or asking Jeremy to do it, on my way out the door to the library to return an almost-overdue DVD.

It will be nice when she grows weary of stashing our DVDs under there. But I'm sure she'll think of something just as aggravating to replace it.


Nancy said...

My nephew had this thing with the furnace and his so-called, "dinky cars."

Somehow he could never find any of his cars and would always ask for more (he must have been just about 3) so he kept getting more but they kept mysteriously disappearing.

One day my sister caught him shoving them into the furnace while it was on and watching all the pretty colours that would then be produced.

I'm not sure it was very safe for him to be doing that...but that was his quirk for a while.

C. Slade said...

Briget I can totally relate. Ezra likes to push things under our couches, especially library books. He will use other books to make sure they make it all the way to the wall and then he'll pull out whatever he used to shove them back there so I won't have a clue they are under there. How does he know to do this? It finally got to the point where I always had to check out the same number so that I'd remember to get them all.

Liz Johnson said...

Some of my fondest early childhood memories are three separate emergency room trips with my mom to remove rocks (twice) or skittles (once) from up my brother's nose. Yep, they were so far up there, that it required medical attention.

Alex said...

Hi Bridget

Try not to position those speakers so close to your TV, the magnets in them will eventually damage your CRT.


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