Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blockbuster update

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably publicly announce that Blockbuster made amends by extending my free trial for another two weeks (which is now almost up). So I forgave them.

I still haven't received my precious movie, though.

And I will not recant my statement that Netflix is a superior DVD rental service. Blockbuster's new gimmick to compete with Netflix is that you can exchange a DVD envelope for a free rental in-store. Obviously, Netflix cannot reciprocate. However, that supposed benefit inspires the following damage:

1. The reason I'm signing up for an online DVD rental service is - get this - to rent DVDs online, from the comfort of my home. Not get into my car, drive to your scary store in a scary part of town, home of hitter-on-ers and parking-lot-dwelling transients, and browse through lots of disgusting DVDs to find the one I want.

2. When I turn in an envelope for a DVD at your store, I think you sit on it for a couple of days before mailing it in. That bothers me.

So thanks, Blockbuster, for trying to make it up to me. But Netflix is still better than you.


Ra'ed said...


This is not a comment on this article but on older ones about Syria. I was searching for Syrian customs and I found your blog. I'm from Damascus, Syria and your words and pictures made laugh a lot. Actually my house is in Mezza not far away from Shikh Saad where you lived. I am now in North West Ohio continuing my studies. It is quite nice and interesting to know that there are still open minded people who make the trip to visit, learn, and interact. I studied at Amideast before and I still remember my classes there. I just like the spirit you and your husband, Jeremy, have about other cultures and countries.

I hope you still remember Shu and Mu. Funny thing, when I swear here people laugh and when I ask why, they say, you have an accent. As if you can't swear unless you don't have one.

Anyway, I'm not a blogger and I couldn't find your e-mail address, if there is any, to send you this message via e-mail. I hope you visit Syria again and I welcome you and your family myself, especially after the "nice" snow and cold weather we have been having here in Ohio.

Take care,


Ra'ed said...

Ah, I forgot to say, We both share the same taste in many books and movies. Actually, my fav. book is Monte Cresto.

Ok, gotta go, I have an exam tomorrow.

Ra'ed said...


You are funny. Here is an idea, if you have a public library in Tucson you can check to see if they carry this movie. They may have a website so you can reserve it and pick it up later, especially if the movie is an older one. Good Luck.

Bridget said...

Hi Ra'ed. Thanks for reading! It's good to hear from people who know where Sheikh Saad is and all those good things.

Take care in Ohio, and I hope you get to visit your home soon.

Kristen said...

So did you ever get to see the movie? I'll put it in my queue on netflix if they have it. :-)


Bridget said...

Nope. I still haven't seen it. Blast you, Blockbuster!!!!


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