Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Champions of Learning, ARR!

If we still lived in Tucson when Miriam entered middle school (which is not going to be the case - thus the subjunctive tense), she would attend Amphi Middle School. I feel so bad for the kids who go there. Their mascot is, of all things, a pirate. And not just any pirate, a scholarly pirate. I think when we first moved here, it was the Academic Pirates, but they must have changed it.

Also, spray-painted in stenciled letters on a cement block in front of their building are the words "A+ School." In my opinion, any school that needs to advertise their merits in such a manner is probably not deserving of them.

Never fear, Miriam, we won't condemn you to a life of piracy, even if it is scholarly.

1 comment:

maher saloum said...

I dont know what were they thinking when they picked this name and logo..I mean pirate=criminal of the sea..Unless they want their kids to be criminals..they should push the school to change this stupid name


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