Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thanks for the advice

The townhouse across the street from us was burgled on Monday (is "burgled" really a word?). Someone broke in while the owners were at work and stole passports, checks, jewelry, and what-have-you. The owners didn't discover it until late in the evening, after having been home for a while, when they noticed a pillow was out of place.

Needless to say, I am kind of freaked out. Anyone who reads this blog knows what a scaredy-cat I can be, and this was almost the last straw in my relationship with Tucson. What is wrong with this city? Can't we all just live in our houses without fear of being robbed?? I know there are other dangerous cities around, but really, for a town of its size Tucson has waaaay too much crime.

It's something he's been thinking about for a while, but this incident put him over the edge. Jeremy went to our local Play-it-Again Sports store to pick up a couple of baseball bats. Purpose: self-defense against potential intruders. As he was browsing, an employee asked if he could help him find something.

"I'm looking for a baseball bat," Jeremy said.

"Any particular kind?"

"Umm, just the normal kind."


"Actually, I just want to keep it in my house as a weapon of sorts."

"Oh, in that case, you'll want a short bat to allow for maximum maneuverability inside your home."

I find it slightly unnerving that the employee was apparently familiar with our kind of situation, and had a ready, helpful reply.

And so now I have to talk myself back into the mindset of going about my daily activities as if someone could be watching our home at any given moment, just waiting for a chance to break in. The very day of the burglary, while I was running, I was thinking about just giving up on the vigilance already because no one is really out to get us.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.


maher saloum said...

move already!!!!!

Nancy said...

That's scary! But there really is crime everywhere. I get really freaked out when Andrew isn't home and he's always like, "Hello...we live in O-R-E-M..."

I can always shoot back, "Remember the time when I swore I heard someone screaming for help and you told me it was the wind when really it was someone screaming for help because there was an attempted murder in the apartment below us?"

Yeah, there's reason to worry everywhere...

The Dews (the missionary couple in Al Husn) had some cool alarm things on their doors. Andrew and I played with them once. They are just little plastic things with magnets in them that you attach to either side of your door...when the force is broken an alarm sounds.

It scared the bejeebers out of me and I'm sure it would scare off intruders.

I saw some at Big Lots once.

Anyway...sorry this was so long!

Matthew said...

MA and I were had our house robbed in Beirut once. It was not a nice feeling... Are there safer areas you could move to? Surely the whole place isn't that bad...

Bridget said...

Believe me, Maher, the only thing keeping us here is the U of A. If only it could be located somewhere else...

Nancy, we actually do have an alarm system and those door/window sensor things. It's nice because then I know I'll know for sure if someone breaks in while I'm in the house, and it's not just my imagination.

And Matthew, sadly, we ARE in the safe part of town. Seriously. Well, as safe as you can get without spending more than a million dollars on a home.

Heather said...

Trent would tell you to buy a gun. He wants me to buy one for myself, but I don't think I'll ever warm up to that idea. I do get paranoid when I'm home alone at night because I think that someone might sneak in the house and blow my brains out because they hate cops.

Slade's Trip to Jordan said...

Well I guess this is extra motivation to finish up your PhD. I have to admit I'm grateful to be out of Arizona. During that whole shooting spree in Phoenix. Good grief. Just watch us end back up there for residency. Good grief.

Nancy said...

No, no, trust me. You have it much worse!

Then again, this might make you feel a bit better.

On the other hand, compared to New York, the whole situation is a little sad on Tucson's part. I mean, really people...

Don't you have a community center or somewhere people can hang out instead of murder people?

Nancy said...

Andrew says maybe you should make a community center with dummies that you can murder and fake houses you can rob, that way the crimes wouldn't happen for real, right?

I mean, picture this:

Easter Egg Hunt! Come rob the big friendly Easter Bunny!

I think it would be a big hit. ;)

Anyway, keep locking your door!

Slade's Trip to Jordan said...

I would like to point out that our home town is to darn small to even be on that site Nancy :) Although for how small it is I hear about plenty of murders. Freaky. Speaking of which that is really to bad about the shooting in Utah.

David said...

1. I recognize the seriousness of this topic, but I do have to say that the employee's knowledge of which baseball bat to use is hilarious. And helpful.

2. I got mugged once in front of my house, semi-violently even; it wasn't so bad - (but it does make you angry). We also had a guy die on our doorstep in that same house, in that same crime-ridden neighborhood in DC (of "Murder Capitol of the US" fame). The house may even have been haunted.

In any case, I realized from living in the hood that a lot of one's fear/perception of crime is just a fear of the unknown/lack of control. The reality of crime in fact is that the most you are likely to lose from criminal activity (statistically speaking) are some material goods. I think keeping that fact in mind helps retain the useful perspective that the possibility of losing such things is just not worth letting one's imagination ruin your life in over. It's easier said than done, I know, but once I got that outlook to sink in, I actually started to like living in my neighborhood.

Nancy's example of the attempted murder is an obvious exception, but one that I think truly does not reflect the rule (i.e., Heather, you can rest assured, no one goes around breaking into cops' houses in Lehi because of a general dislike for law enforcement).

David said...

Please ignore the grammatical error in the second paragraph of the second sentence in my last post (and any others). The partners for whom I work would be mortified.

David said...

And the reversed word order in my last post. I'm going to bed now.

Bridget said...

Nancy, those crime graphs were awesome. And they did make me feel better - at least when I was looking at Chicago (I didn't look at DC out of respect for the family members who are living there).

Dave, we also saw humor in the baseball bat comment. And I think that my real sense of fear is the breach of security that underlies the crime across the street. I have already talked myself through the possible loss of material possessions. But if I (or my stuff) can't even be secure in my own home, then nowhere is safe. Or so it seems to me.


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