Sunday, April 01, 2007

Loaded ice cream

I was at Fry's just now and during the walk down the ice cream freezer section, I noticed a new product. It's Dreyer's Loaded.

Jeremy and I are big fans of Dreyer's Light Ice Cream. And even though this particular new product isn't light, you'd think I'd like it, too. But you'd be wrong.

Because there's no justice in introducing a new ice cream with more "chunks," as Jeremy and I like to call them, when the original didn't have enough chunks to begin with. No ice cream I have ever encountered has ever had enough chunks.

So for Dreyer's to try to con us into accepting a new product because it's "loaded" is disingenuous, in my opinion. But that's just me.

Why don't they just add more chunks to the original flavors, and then plaster the carton with my favorite contradictory claim, "New & Improved!" - (if it's new, then how can it have been improved?)?

For the record: the least-chunkiest ice cream I've ever had was Albertson's store brand. And the most chunkiest is Kroger's store brand, Private Selection.

And that's all I have to say on the ice cream subject...for now.


Mikael said...

It's so true Bridget!!! There are never enough chunks! Although I did get a handmade chocolate chip cookie dough icecream cone made in Boston once, I told the lady to load the whole cone with cookie dough balls.... one word.... NAST! So maybe less chunks are better :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot Find Loaded anymore!!!!!!!!!!!
Did they quit making it???????


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