Friday, March 02, 2007

My heroine

I'm on a bit of a Jane Austen kick lately. I don't know exactly what prompted it, but it might be that Jeremy almost bought me the new Pride & Prejudice movie for Valentine's Day. But then he couldn't find it at Costco or Target and it ended up being the thought that counted.

I've read all of her books, except Lady Susan, at least once. And I've seen all the movies, including the A&E/BBC productions, and even that dreadful adaptation of Northanger Abby that came out a decade or so ago.

I finished reading Mansfield Park the other day, and now I've started on Persuasion.

I took this quiz online and got the following result:

I am Anne Elliot!

Take the Quiz here!

I think I can live with that. If nothing else, Amanda Root was a fantastic Anne.

But then I took this quiz, and it came up with:

Which Jane Austen heroine are you?
created with

So who knows. Somehow, I'm rational with a strong sense of duty, but I am also emotional, dramatic, and passionate. The clincher, though, might be this: my favorite scene in an Austen movie, ever, is definitely the part in Sense & Sensibility where Marianne cries after Willoughby on a rainy English hilltop.

Marianne Dashwood it is.


Nancy said...

I've been thinking about trying to read another one of Austen's novels.

I used to really enjoy her stories and my cousins and I would have movie female cousins, usually, that is.

But in my advanced writing class we read Persuasion the whole semester. We wrote a billion papers on it and completely dissected it.

I wanted to burn the book after the class. It was horrible and ruined the story for me.

Perhaps I should try another novel...

Anonymous said...

I am . . . . Elinor Dashwood, according to the quiz. In my own mind though, I too, am Anne Eliot. Granny

Crissy Bear said...

So I totally stole these sites for my website. There are some girls in my ward that would LOVE I had to take them :) Sorry Bridget!

Bridget said...

Nancy, definitely try again. I am shocked that your writing class would ruin Persuasion in such a manner.

Nancy said...

This is a fairly interesting article. Pride and Prejudice wins!

Teresa said...

Bridget- I am Elizabeth Bennet!!!


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