Saturday, April 28, 2007

Costco-sized grapes

Does anyone else remember the comic strip Adam? It's probably still running, but the panel I remember most is at least ten years old (the last time I read the comics). The title character goes shopping at a Costco clone and comes out with a box of Cheerios so big that it fills the shopping cart and he has to strap it to the luggage rack on top of his car. When he gets home and pours out a bowl, it turns out that the entire cereal box holds only 3 or 4 humongous O's - they are also "Costco-sized."

Yesterday we bought some grapes at Costco. They have the most reliably delicious produce outside of the Middle East, though it's often (but not always!) more expensive than at a regular grocery store. If you do the math, though, it's often cheaper to spend more on two pounds of fruit that is delicious from beginning to end, than to save at the grocery store but end up throwing half of it away.

But I digress. These grapes we bought are gigantic. They are so big that I found myself having to eat them in bites.

The only unfortunate thing is that they have seeds. I made sure to check when we bought them, and all I saw was "Red Seeded Grapes." My mind processed that phrase as "Red grapes that have been seeded," in the same way that a peeled banana is peeled. But apparently, the word I should have been looking for was "seedless." My mistake.

In my defense, however, it seems they should call them something else. It really is kind of confusing. Maybe "seedful," "non-seedless,"or "seedy." Well, actually, scratch that last one.

In any case, they're delicious, seeds and all.


Anonymous said...

The grapes could be eaten as a side dish w/ knife & fork! I do remember that Adam comic strip & still chuckle about it. There's a commercial on the radio which I"ll paraphrase here: "we head for the giant store where we buy mayonnaise by the pallet, cheese by the square foot, & frosted breakfast flakes by the bushel. We load it all into our giant SUV that seats 14, comfortably, then drive home to our 4-car garage where we park next to the giant riding lawnmower and our BBQ grill the size of Montana . . ." It's a commercial for the Oregon Lottery, but it pretty much describes our American consumer these days. Granny

Liz Johnson said...

Everything at Costco seems to look smaller at the store... and then enormous at home. That said... I love Costco to gigantic bits and pieces.

Kristen said...

Gary and I had this exact discussion about the giant "seeded" grapes at Costco. In addition to peeled bananas, I also contemplated pitted cherries...but they are the best tasting grapes ever, seedy and all! Mmmmmmm......

Bridget said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought that! Thanks for the validation.


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