Sunday, April 29, 2007

Midnight laughs

I woke up the night before last to the sound of Jeremy being strangled to death next to me in bed.

But as soon as I collected my wits, I realized that he was just trying to muffle his laughter from a video he was watching on a video iPod (on loan from the BYU).

It was 1 o'clock in the morning, and Jeremy was helpless with laughter, watching a video on a video iPod. He had stayed up late studying and chose to wind down for sleep in this manner (?). At the time, I was really annoyed with him for waking me up, even more so because he would not stop laughing.

In the morning, he showed me the video he found so funny in the middle of the night. I watched it, and was amused:

But I wasn't having difficulty breathing or anything, like Jeremy was the night before. No, that kind of laughter came when I watched the remake of said video, created by (apparently) some workers at an office using only props they had on hand:

I think the remake is funnier than the original. Maybe it's because I keep imagining these office workers rehearsing it over and over again outside their cubicles. They get the intonation and everything just right.

I wonder if Pinky ever got adopted...


Crissy Bear said...

Jason and I loved this...although honestly I was much more into the real thing. Something about that guys know he just wants to kick the cats head in and is just trying to figure out how badly the whole thing is going to play for the adoption stats this month.

sarah said...

I liked the "cat" they used in the remake :)


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