Friday, April 13, 2007


It's been a long time since I've played that most interesting of getting-to-know-you games, "Two Truths and a Lie." When the next time comes, I'll be prepared. Here are ten truths and no lies.

1. I modeled for Nike while in high school. For one photo shoot. They paid me $200 and I got to keep some of the clothes. (This is one of the prints from the shoot. I think this particular one was on display at G.I. Joe's.)

2. I have climbed Mt. St. Helens two-and-a-half times. (That's my brother Blair with me in the photo.)

3. I hated "Runaway Bride," "My Best Friend's Wedding," "The Italian Job," and most of "Notting Hill."

4. My favorite chore when I lived at home was mowing the lawn.

5. The first words Jeremy ever said to me were "I think I saw you in a movie once." (The picture is a random one we took while we were dating, just before I went to Japan.)

6. I haven't eaten ground beef in almost 10 years.

7. I gained 54 pounds while pregnant with Miriam. And don't for a second believe that I would tell anyone that if I hadn't lost every pound. (Mom, you're not allowed to comment on this one.) (Here's me at my sister Teresa's wedding. I think I'm about 5 months along in this picture.)

8. I have met President Bush, Laura Bush, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice.

9. My initials are BMW. Well, now they're BMWP, because...

10. My full, official name is Bridget Maureen Walker Palmer. I didn't add the Palmer until we had been married for four years. And I still travel under my maiden name because I don't want to fork out $100 for a new passport. This has raised some eyes in the Middle East and even kept Jeremy and me from being able to share a hotel room at a place in Lattakia.

I think I've got some good ones. How about you?


Anonymous said...

Let's see, I've also climbed Mt. St. Helens 2.5 times, most recently at the ripe old age of 51; backpacked through Europe during months 6-8 of first pregnancy; broke 2 ribs in 9th grade gym class; am related to the actor Gregory Peck; have never mowed a lawn, ever; never eaten sushi, never will; have won a handful of ribbons for quilts at the county fair; wrote two family history books; weigh almost 20# less than I did a few years ago!! And yes, these are all true. Granny

Nancy said...

This is a great idea for a post. I may have to rip it off you. :)

But, as a sneak preview:

I got a driver's license at age 14;
I haven't driven since I was 14 (except once on Christmas a few years ago);
I've eaten raw hamburger for dinner on more than one occasion;
My ancestors are mentioned in the D&C;
I've worn my hair exactly the same way since I was 7 or 8;
My husband and I spent 1/2 our honeymoon in a slummy youth hostel with a shared bathroom, paper thin walls and, get this, had to kick the attendant out of our "private" bedroom;
Andrew's first real attempt at hitting on me after his mission was, "Do you have a scripture marking system?";
I did a ballroom performance at 6 months pregnant and only lost my balance 4 or 5 times each night...

That's kind of fun to think about...I'll have to come up with some more!

Liz Johnson said...

I totally stole your idea. Hope that's ok!

Jen said...

You never cease to amaze me at how AMAZING and ARTICULATE and COOL you are...May I link you on my blog? =)

Mikael said...

I can't think of which one is the lie... the movie one? And I, too, gained 50 lbs while prego, but can proudly say I have lost all and more :) (but I hope to not gain that much on my next baby...he he).
YOu are so cute bridget!!!!!

Bridget said...

Nancy, my favorite one is the ballroom dancing. And you have videos to prove it!

Please steal and link, Liz and Jen. No worries.

Mikael, silly, they're all true!!!!!! And didn't I always tell you you'd lose the weight? :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mikael & Bridget: beware of weight gain during future pregnancies. You'll regret being cocky about losing the pounds. love, 'the voice of experience'

Bridget said...

Who says we're being cocky? The rest of the story is that it took me a year to lose it all completely, and it certainly wasn't a walk in the park. More like a long run every day :).

Nancy said...

Not that I have that much experience being pregnant, but...

My friend Kelly gained 50 pounds with her first baby and lost most of it. You'll be happy to know that she only gained 25 pounds with her second. So, you never know what will happen with the next one.


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