Thursday, May 03, 2007

Toughen up, mattress cover!

Here are the instructions for the cover of our memory foam mattress:

Remove cover (well, duh!).
Hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle.
Use cold water only.

Air dry on flat surface or machine dry using cold air only.
Thorough drying may take several hours.
Dry cleaning recommended.

Here's how I washed it yesterday, having not noticed the above instructions on the bottom edge of the mattress:

Removed cover.
Washed in regular machine cycle.
With HOT water!
...and I used bleach, too.

Dried in the dryer on the normal hot cycle.
It was dry in about 20 minutes.

And yet, it came out alive and fit back on the mattress just fine.

In closing, let me just say that this is the best mattress I've ever slept on. So next time, I'll be sure to take better care of its precious cover.


Nancy said...

K, my favorite is that our sheets say, "Iron when necessary."

Actually, our hot pads say that, too.

I try to ignore instructions like that.

Mikael said...

I needed to wash our duvet BADLY the other week. It says "dry clean ONLY". So I call around to cleaners and they are quoting me $30 to get the dang thing dry cleaned! I might as well buy an new one. So I proceed to:
Wash gentle cycle with Tide
Dry on Low Heat

It turned out fine, and smells yummy! Nerds that write "dry clean ONLY".. they just do that to make money for the dry cleaners.
Maybe I will was my leather jacket in the washing machine...haha


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