Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome back!

I already shared with you the list of things I knew I would miss about Jordan.

Here are some of the things about America that I am welcoming with open arms:

1. A real shower. Except for hotels in Israel, this is the first one I've had all summer long. (To conserve water, we took modified shower-baths in Amman, with water that was not always hot.)

2. Being able to flush TP down the toilet. Talk about the height of luxury!

3. Grocery stores with a variety of brands, all the products I'm used to, and good sales. Amman has some of the best grocery stores I've seen anywhere in the Middle East, but Fry's still managed to amaze me on my first trip there earlier this week.

There are some culture-shock things, too, but there always are. And we always get over them. More about that later.


Lark said...

Jealous you're back in Tucson. Totally know what you mean about the tp in the really is great!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The first thing I did on arriving home from a month in the Middle East was to sit in a full bathtub (at 2 a.m.--that's how desperate I was)--what luxury! And flushing TP--a real treat!

Crissy Bear said...

Oh use water with reckless abandon...that was my favorite part of being back in the states for sure!


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