Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Going through withdrawal already

I just finished reading Eclipse.

And now I'm going through highly-anticipated-sequel-withdrawal for the second time this summer (the first time being with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).

I'm happy to have read it, of course, but extremely sad it's over already.

I'll have to find a new reason for getting up in the morning, and soon! Any ideas?


Crissy Bear said...

We read Gideon the Cutpurse on our way to Utah and really liked it. The only problem...the sequeal was suppose to come out at the beginning of the month and then they pushed it back to December. Bummer

Mikael said...

what is with this book? Is there a secret that I don't know about it that makes people addicted, like cocaine or some highly feel-good addictive drug in all the pages. I really should take the time to read this, I have too many people telling me how great it is!


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