Thursday, September 06, 2007

June, June, JOAN!

I generally consider posting videos as an entire blog entry to be a copout, but I'm making an exception. First, because it's all I have time for at the moment, but second, because this one really makes me laugh.

We all heard about this poor girl, so I won't embarrass her any further (except for linking to the video, apparently. And also this one of Jimmy Kimmel making fun of her (skip ahead to about 1:45)).

Today's video is one you don't feel bad laughing at, at least I didn't. It's all in good fun. Basically, this lady totally forgot the words to the song she was performing at an outdoor concert, but she faked it really well, and in a hilarious manner. Here are the lyrics she was trying to sing, in case you are unfamiliar with them, as I was:

June is bustin' out all over
All over the meadow and the hill!
Buds're bustin' outa bushes
And the rompin' river pushes
Ev'ry little wheel that wheels beside the mill!

June is bustin' out all over
The feelin' is gettin' so intense,
That the young Virginia creepers
Hev been huggin' the bejeepers
Outa all the mornin' glories on the fence!
Because it's June...

June, June, June
Just because it's June, June, June!

But as you will quickly notice from watching the video, that's not what she sings. Stay for the second replay when the maker of the video puts up some helpful subtitles. And watch her face up close when she starts flubbing her lines.

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