Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Making it home in nine pieces

We're back in Tucson now after a lovely week-long sojourn in Idaho Falls. But we didn't get here without going over a few bumps.

The first was upon check-in at the Salt Lake City Airport. In an attempt to cut down on the number of pieces of luggage I physically had to handle, I had purposely packed just one large suitcase, and packed it tight.

Apparently, the few books and other items I acquired in Idaho did not weigh nothing - we were seven pounds over the limit. I decided not to waste time arguing that since I wasn't checking the maximum number of bags, they should let the extra seven pounds slide (which, by my luggage allowance, could have been 50 pounds in an additional suitcase).

So I set about "shuffling" (that was the agent's term) seven pounds of luggage from the large suitcase to either the portacrib or the carseat. You can see why I wasn't having much success. Portacrib cases are meant to hold just the portacribs, and carseats aren't heavy on extra storage, either.

In the end, I took out enough books to make up seven pounds, put them in the seat of the carseat, and then had the agent double-wrap the resulting awkward package with tape.

The carseat, books, and everything else arrived safely in Tucson. Now came the tricky part. I needed to get myself from baggage claim to the parking shuttle, a lobby and two street-crossings apart. To remind you, here are the nine elements of the equation:

1. me
2. humongous suitcsae
3. portacrib
4. carseat/seven pounds of books
5. stroller
6. Miriam
7. my purse
8. laptop bag
9. Miriam's backpack

If you look carefully, you'll notice there are two hand-intensive items, namely the suitcase (to be pulled) and the stroller (to be pushed). So I tried my best to arrange/drape/hang/attach everything else to those two things.

I made it all the way from baggage claim to the first curb wearing my laptop bag, holding the portacrib, pulling the humongous suitcase with the carseat slung over the top, all while pushing the stroller (filled with Miriam, Miriam's backpack, and my purse) every few steps with my foot.

That got to be ridiculous fast, so I tried letting Miriam out and having her push the stroller. That got ridiculous even faster.

Finally, a passer-by came to my rescue and rigged up the portacrib on the suitcase, under the carseat. So then I only had to push and pull, and not kick with my foot. In this manner, we made it to the parking shuttle.

Why do I do these things? I have no idea.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Someday you'll do the same w/ two or three!

Anonymous said...

I am voting for the Smartcart rental!

Bridget said...

Mom, at least then they'll be able to pull their own weight in hud.

Anonymous, I thought about that but really, it would have just added one more thing to push.

Mikael said...

I can picture you right now! so funny. I am going to California in a couple wks to visit a friend and I know I will be dealing with the same problem as you, how can 1 tiny person carry 8 or 9 things? But, it can be done!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

They will be capable of pulling their own weight in hud, but they won't want to. They'll pick the choice moment for a major meltdown, refuse to budge, & mom will have one more thing to carry . . . and all the previously helpful bystanders will let loose their judgemental selves to make you feel like a bad mother . . . it shouldn't be this way but life is like that.

Nancy said...

It's because you're a mom. Moms do things like that. Moms are amazing...and also a little bit crazy.

Kristen said...

I love the way you paint this picture. Priceless.


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