Saturday, September 15, 2007

The swimsuit of the decade

After ten long years, I am finally the owner of a new swimsuit.

It's this one, from Shade Clothing. You know how when you own an article of clothing for so long, you sometimes lose your ability to judge if it's still acceptable to be wearing out in public? It took a chance glance at a photograph of me wearing my old swimsuit to break the spell. Not only had I been wearing the same swimsuit since my sophomore year of high school, not only had it been purchased for a few dollars at Marshall's back in the day, and not only was it hideous to begin with (that was the reason I bought it - I went through a "the garishly-uglier, the better" phase), but I had worn it while pregnant with Miriam and it was stretched out in all the wrong places.

When my sister was here, we went swimsuit shopping to try to catch some summer clearance sales. All we found were racks crowded with mismatched two-piece tops and bottoms, all more for decoration than function - you know, the kind that you have to keep re-tying or adjusting. I thought I was doomed. Then Shade's swimsuits went on sale, my problem was solved, and my self confidence is restored. My old swimsuit was getting so bad that I didn't even feel comfortable wearing it to take Miriam swimming in our lane's shared pool, even though we're the only ones who are ever there.

I have a few other items of clothing that are very old that I wear on a regular basis. I've had my favorite pair of running shorts since 1995 and they are still going strong. In fact, that's them I'm wearing with my ancient swimsuit.

But I think the very oldest is the shirt from my 2nd-grade Girl Scout troop, which dates it back to 1989. Anyone who knows me probably knows the exact shirt I'm talking about, because I love this shirt beyond all reason. It's one of those where every girl drew a small picture about Girl Scouts and then we had them all silk-screened onto the shirt. My name is right under a drawing of a tent with what I can only assume is two people in sleeping bags inside.

What's the oldest article of clothing that you still wear on a regular basis?


Nancy said...

I have this pair of bowling shoes that I don't wear quite so frequently now that I live in a warmish place--I've had them since grade 5.

I have am authentic disco-era shirt that I love. I inherited it from my sister, who inherited it from my friends mom, when I was in...I can't even remember. It's the shirt that my sister always says, "Ugh...nice shirt, Nan," to even though she gave it to me.

I have my cousin's baseball shirt that I've been wearing for years.

I also have some dresses that belonged to my great-grandmother that I haven't worn for a while but used to wear all the time (that's probably not the old you were talking about though).

My oldest, most oft worn article of clothing would have to be...sheesh, I don't know...

But congratulations on the new bathing suit. It's super cute! I need to get a new bathing suit sometime, too...I bought one in Jordan but I don't think it will work here quite so well considering how pregnancy has changed my figure. Andrew made me throw out all my other bathing suits when we got married. I was a lifeguard/swim teacher before so nothing lasted more than a year. Ever. 10 years is a record! Way to go, Bridget!

sarah said...

wow 2nd grade Bridget? that's crazy! :) One of my oldest is also a swimsuit, 6 years old. And then a pair of jeans I think 7 years old that are so paper thin I'm just waiting to hear a rip when i bend over at work. but they are so soft and comfortable. i suppose they are somewhat like my safety blanket of clothing

Mikael said...

I am so happy to hear that someone else wears clothes back from high school! Just the other day I bought 2 new t-shirts from Costco (which took me a while to actually get up the courage to purchase them). Before the 2 shirts I really only had 1 shirt to wear, and I would wear it everyday!
The oldest thing I have in my closet that I still wear... my ballet leotards. I wear one from when I was 16, and that is saying a ton because I was like 95 lbs back then, it restores my confidence.
But why is it that I can't go shopping anymore? Is it that I dont care about clothes, or that I dont know how to shop anymore, or I am clueless on style, or is it that I would rather buy Makenzie a cuter dress?

Bridget said...

Wow, Nancy, great-grandmother dresses!!!!! That's got to be the record.

Sarah, 7-year-old jeans are pretty good. Your brother's jeans never last more than a year.

Mikael, I am the same way. A ten-year-old swimsuit doesn't sound so strange after all when I open my closet and realize that I am still wearing an entire wardrobe from 1999ish. I think the difference is that back then, I had money to spend on clothes.

Hooray for buying clothes at Costco! I love Costco shirts.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

My closet is full of faithful oldies. A root canal sounds more appealing to me than wasting time & spending $$ shopping for new stuff--the old reliables save me from that fate. For a while anyway. Last summer I was wearing my antique bathing suit at the Shady Grove pool when my sister- in-law informed me that the back of it was plumb see-through! The fibers that hold the color were gone yet the nylon framework of the suit was still going strong. That was enough to get me into a store to buy a new suit, which I hate, incidentally. It felt great in the store but after wearing for 20 minutes it begins to creep up in the leg & gets bunched up in . . . well, never mind. And everyone knows swimsuits can't be returned. This suit will definitely not make it to the antique stage . . .

Anonymous said...

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