Monday, September 10, 2007

Two things Miriam

In honor of Miriam's second birthday, I will share two things Miriam-related that have happened recently.

1. I feel like I should mail IKEA a check for "babysitting" my daughter yesterday. She played with her farm animal set for two hours straight while I cleaned the house. Awesome.

2. Someone has been teaching Miriam English on the sly. We were at church today and Miriam was playing with her quiet book. There's one page where you velcro felt shape cut-outs to their matching counterparts. She picked up the tan triangle and said, out loud, "triangle."

This wouldn't be weird except I've never taught Miriam the English words for shapes. She knows them in Arabic but I'm not sure where she learned the English words.

Sooner or later we're going to have to teach her more English. The weird looks I get when I explain that you have to ask Miriam "what's your name" in Arabic in order for her to understand are getting to be a bit much.


evoexplorer said...

i was here and just want to say "hello" to are you there??

Nancy said...

I love IKEA. :) And I think it's awesome that Miriam speaks more Arabic than English. She'll pick up English soon enough...

Jen said...


Teresa said...

Bridget... I think I might be guilty of the triangle incident! You know those Arabic books that she and I read together a lot? There is a page that has some different shapes. I didn't think that she picked up on any of it though!


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