Sunday, October 28, 2007

Book heaven

Somehow, I heard about the Friends of the Pima County Public Library 8th Annual Book Lovers' Holiday Sale. Jeremy, Miriam, and I were driving back from an appointment across town and would be passing the sale's location, so we decided to drop in.

But what was intended to be a casual visit turned out to be unintentionally intense. We drove up to the building and there was a orange-vested volunteer outside telling people that the parking lots were all full. Everyone had to park across the street and walk over. And once we got inside, it was chaos, mayhem, and an utter madhouse. There were thousands and thousands of books stacked all over the place (though most were on shelves), and tons of people rifling through them frantically.

You see, each book (used, of course, most discarded from the library system) cost around $1.00. Some were 50 cents, some were 2 bucks, but most were a dollar. So a lot of people had large cardboard boxes and were shoveling their books of choice into them.

We took turns watching Miriam so the other one could "browse" (way too relaxed a term for what was going on), and ended up purchasing these 10 books:

...for a total of $13.00. Quite a steal, when you consider that the kiddie board books are usually 7 bucks each.

I just love accomplishing something on Saturday mornings.


Mikael said...

I got makenzie that Truck board book at a garage sale for 50 cents! I LOVE bargains!!!

Jen said...

The BYU bookstore did something like this....It was progressive, though...with 90% off on the last day. We'd go in there with fifty bucks and find TONS of treasures. There's something to be said about walking across campus with $500-worth of books in your arms....


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