Sunday, October 28, 2007

A nerd among many

Last night, I did something I don't think I've ever done before: waited in line with a bunch of excited (fellow?) nerds for the opening/release of a product/movie/book, or, in this case, operating system. Apple released Leopard for sale yesterday (slogan: "Add a new Mac to your Mac," which I will freely admit does not make sense to me).

The U of A bookstore was offering a special price for one hour only, from 6 - 7 in the evening. So there was a huge line snaking through the store, with free candy and free t-shirts and other festivities. And everyone there, I can only assume, was an Apple nerd. So when I took a turn in line (while Jeremy played outside with Miriam) and tried to read my book, I had to stop because the nerd behind me kept reading over my shoulder. I haven't had that happen since Russia.

(What's even more embarrassing is that it was Eclipse, which is kind of a vampire/werewolf book, and might be a strange book to understand while reading over someone else's shoulder.)

(On the other hand, maybe it helped me fit into the crowd...)

The worst part is that I am not even a Mac person. My upbringing was strictly PC-based, while Jeremy's was all Apple. So you see, Jeremy and I have an interfaith marriage of sorts.

I will admit that Macintoshes have come a long way since those shockingly ghetto machines we all played Oregon Trail on in elementary school "computer hour" back in the day.

But I remain firmly in the PC camp, despite Jeremy's best missionary efforts, and despite the presence of Leopard (and increased "Mac"??) in our home.

Perhaps these stories should have been two separate posts, because the questions they raise are unrelated.

First, have you ever waited in line for something so geeky? Or non-geeky?

And second, whose side are you on, mine or Jeremy's?

Or in other words, the right side, or the wrong side?


Mikael said...

I LOVED playing the nerdy Oregon Trail game on that ghetto computer. Those were my favorite memories of school!!!

Alyson P. said...

I just started reading Twilight today!

Liz Johnson said...

You have died of dysentery.

sarah said...

Jared looooooves macs, but i am in your camp Bridget. I like them better than the flashy macs

Nattie said...

PC's all the way. We had an old IBM in our freezing cold basement. I would bundle up to go play tetris. I had to type in code just to get the game started.

Shannan said...

I'm PC all the way. I really like to work with music and editing videos so I heard that MAC is better, but somehow I just can't convert.

and I would never do something dorky. My husband, however, always waits at the midnight release of any new video game that is coming out - latest was Halo 3 and he took our son with him. What a dork.But that is what memories are made of.

Nancy said...

We're strictly a PC family right now, although we do want a Mac--they just seem to be able to handle certain things better.

Andrew put a Mac sticker on his laptop so that it looks like a Mac.

I don't think there's been a day that's passed without my hearing, "If we had a Mac..."

Maybe one day when we're rich and famous. :)

Crissy Bear said...

We had one of those first apple computers that pretty much had like 10MB of memory when I was like seven years old. Let me tell you we thought we were so lucky. No one else I knew had a computer. Since then it's been all PCs for me and Jason...mainly because they are cheaper. I used to use a mac at work, it was nice...but not so nice that I'm going to go sell off my oldest child. As for standing in line...well I used to drag Jason to the releases of the Harry Potter books. Now I order them online and they show up in the mail. With the two kiddos I'm just not willing to brave lines anymore. Call me a weakling and I won't deny it :)

michelle said...

Mac, Mac, Mac! I grew up in a PC family, but then my computer genius brother converted to Apple, and so one by one the rest of us followed suit (of course, he did say that he wouldn't help us with our computer problems if we didn't buy a Mac...). Being poor marrieds now, my iBook stopped working, so we replaced it with a cheaper Dell, and my laptop is going in the mail to my brother (maybe there's hope for it!). Someday we will have an iMac, we are with Nancy in that dream. :)

Kristen said...

I'm on the right side for sure. But I will readily admit that I haven't used a mac since junior high, and really am clueless about how they are different. So I just know what I know about what I know, you know? But Oregon Trail is a fond memory of mine...


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