Monday, October 15, 2007

World Englishes

If you didn't think "Englishes" was a word, think again: Cambridge says it is. And they're conducting a survey on English variants at the following link:

Click on the link, take the survey, and then come back here for a fun discussion. I don't want to post anything quite yet because the survey requires that you be completely unfamiliar with their questions ahead of time.

Also, this isn't some lame blog survey. It's real, live research.

Just do it!


Liz Johnson said...

Fascinating! I love the results maps! I put myself as a Tennessee-an since that's where I lived while 2-9 years old... and I hardly fit with them at all. Weird.

Bridget said...

Liz, it would be interesting to figure out how living in Mexico affected your English.

I love the results maps, too! I can't wait until they put up more (apparently they're waiting for a minimum number of responses or something).


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