Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary. We are celebrating by watching a movie (Rescue Dawn) that we picked up at one of those rental kiosks you see in grocery stores. Woohoo!

Other memorable anniversary happenings:

Our first, when we went out for dessert at Cafe Pushkin in Moscow. It's probably still the fanciest restaurant I've ever been to. And the desserts were delicious.

Our second, when Jeremy was out of town at a conference. So romantic.

Our third, when we were in Damascus and went out to eat at a Russian restaurant. That food was fine, but something we'd eaten earlier in the day gave us violent food poisoning. I will never again eat spinach, at least not if it's been cooked by an Arab landlady.

Our fourth, when we put two-month-old Miriam to bed and watched Master and Commander.

Our fifth, which I actually have no memory of. You'd think I'd at least remember, you know, the movie we must have watched.

The good news is that barring any unforeseen disaster, Jeremy will have finished and submitted his comprehensive exams by tomorrow afternoon. This means he will be able to spend time with Miriam and me again. So maybe we'll do something really ambitious and go out to celebrate. Maybe.


Shannan said...

Happy Anniversary!
You made me think about what we have done on the past ten anniversaries we've had, and I can only remember the first one. Shame on me!

Liz Johnson said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Katie, Scotty and Cora said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember the day you got married very well. I was bummed that I missed going into the temple by a few days! I hope you had a great anniversary!

Mikael said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I can't believe it is your 6th!! WOW!! You have been married twice as long as me, i am coming up on my 3rd. Crazy! Have a fun night :)


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