Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm it!

My friend Crystal tagged me for the "seven things" game, except I've also seen it as six. I'm going to modify it to be "five things," and it's going to be "five things that are sensory in nature that drive me CRAZY!" Because it's my blog and I can do what I want. Crystal, if I've not sufficiently fulfilled the nature of your tagging me, please let me know.

(If you're really dying for a random list of things about me, check out this post: Truths.)

Five things that are sensory in nature that drive me CRAZY!

1. I cannot stand touching, or even hearing other people touch, glass cups. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. We have nice glasses that we received as a wedding gift, but I use the cheap Target plastic cups instead. It's getting so bad that the other day I told Jeremy that he was going to have to start unloading his own glass cups from the dishwasher if he continued to insist on using them. Maybe I'll end up like Howard Hughes.

2. The smell of the streets when it rains after not having rained for a long time makes me gag. I know a lot of people love this smell, but I almost puke every time. It's a good thing I grew up in Oregon where "it rains after not having rained for a long time" almost never happened.

3. The sound of opening or closing our plastic accordion door that separated the bathroom area from the rest of our apartment in Damascus freaked me out every time I heard it. It was a sudden, loud, rattling sound that made me think there were machine guns going off outside. Yikes!

4. Sweet potatoes disgust me.

5. I hate, hate, HATE emerging from a movie theater when it is still daytime. Going from a dark, cool environment to the garish, blazing sun is basically a guaranteed headache for me.

I'll tag anyone who reads this, but you have to respond in comment form first. What makes you feel like you're going to be the next Howard Hughes? You can double up on senses if you need to.


Nancy said...

I can't stand changing other people's kid's dirty diapers. Rachel's BM are fine.

I hate vacuuming. I could be as bad as Miriam with vacuums. When I grow up, I want wood or tile floors so that I can sweep and mop.

The texture of animal fat makes me gag harsh, so I always have to pick it off my meat or swallow without chewing.

I hate the sound of people clearing their throat and/or blowing their nose (especially at the dinner table). In my opinion, that should be done in private behind a closed door, far, far away from me!

I can't stand the taste of morning/old breath. I won't kiss Andrew in the morning until he's brushed his teeth. This was compounded twenty fold when I was pregnant and I just haven't gotten any better about it yet.

Nancy said...

And I'll agree with you on the matinée syndrome, but really, the rain? Ahhh...I love the smell of rain falling on the pavement.

I think it smells the same whether it's rained for a long time or not. But maybe that's just me :)

Jen said...

OH BRIDGET! That after-rain-on-asphalt smell is the worst, worst, worst. EW.

I hate the feeling of being so sweaty your clothing sticks to you...which would explain a lot about my current *physique*....

That hard film that forms on the top of jell-o and pudding nauseates me.

The sound of people scraping their forks on their teeth makes me cringe, too.

Bridget said...

Nancy, vacuuming? Really?

Jen, you reminded me of another one: I never eat the little bit of yogurt that collects on the lid - you know, when you first open it. It seems so gross to me, even though I know it's just like the yogurt inside the cup.

Heather said...

My pet peeve is when I accidentally step into a puddle of water on the floor right after I have put new, clean socks on.

I also avoid the yogurt top. It seems unsanitary to lick it.

Nattie said...

We still don't have Christmas stockings because I'm having an anxiety attack over the fact that if I buy or make them before I'm finished having all my children, they might not all match and that distresses me greatly.


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