Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My husband's new favorite movie

(Ha ha, love, just kidding. I wanted to make sure I had your attention!)

I picked this DVD up at the library the other day on a whim, in preparation for the Great TV-Watching Marathon of 2007 (aka, me getting my tonsils removed). I am mildly familiar with the old Michael Landon version of Little House on the Prairie, but extremely familiar with the book series. In fact, I remember the day in fourth grade when I found out that those books were technically fiction. I still haven't gotten over the shock and disillusionment.

This new Disney version is nothing special. The production values are quite good and the acting is above-par. And perhaps the source material is partly at fault, but it seemed like the entire 4-hour drama went something like this:

- Cute prairie girls do cute pioneer things, until
- Something Very Bad or Scary happens, and then
- Girls get sent into the house, often "right now!"
- Pa takes care of it, unless he's in town getting supplies, in which case Ma takes care of it.
- Girls continue to play pioneerily, until
- There is something Very Bad or Scary to talk about, adults only, and then
- Girls get sent into the house to "wash up" or "get supper on" or "do chores."

I actually liked it more than it sounds like I did. But probably not as much as Jeremy.

Because through a Vicodin-induced oversight, I had my mom return the DVD to the library before he was done watching it (I didn't even know he was watching it). On Sunday morning, when I woke up, I found out that late on Saturday night, he had called Blockbuster to see if they had it in stock, gone there, spent time looking for it, swallowed his massive male pride and asked an employee for help (but I heard he said it was his mother-in-law who wanted it), and then spent $4.00 to rent it.

I hope it was worth the trouble, Jeremy. You'll have to let us all know.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

To be fair, I did want it too. I had seen all but the last 10 minutes when it mistakenly was returned to the library. But I wouldn't have haunted the aisles of Blockbuster looking for it on a Saturday night-- Jeremy was a desperate man!

It was a good movie, but not great in my opinion. Maybe your assessment is partly right Bridget, in that pioneer children had their chores and their fun and were sometimes shielded from bad and scary things. But they witnessed birth and death and had awful experiences our children will never be exposed to.

Liz Johnson said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. That is AWESOME.

Chris loves "Malcolm in the Middle." Which cracks me up every time.

Crissy Bear said...

Just because you want to see the end doesn't necessarily mean you were enjoying it. Sometimes you just have to know how it is going to be :) Anywho how are you feeling?

Anna said...

Hey Bridget,
how are you? I hope you still remember me? I found your blog through Mikael's blog. Your life sounds very interesting. I knew that you went to Russia a couple of years ago but I didn't know about Syria and Jordan. I already expected you to leave the US for a while when we went to Westview Highschool because you were the only one who was interested in other cultures and willing to learn a foreign language (Japanese). So you are back in the US, right? Where exactly do you live? I got confused because you write that Suzan returned a DVD. Are you back in Portland? Please say hi to your whole family and let me know how they are! I also left a message on Kirsten Winkels blog but she hasn't mailed me back (Anna.Schipfer@gmx.de). Well, I would love to hear from you. Many greetings from Hamburg, Anna

Bridget said...

Crystal raises a good point, but I think that going to Blockbuster by yourself late on a Saturday night crosses the line between "vague interest in the ending" and "emotional investment in the movie."

Nancy said...

Andrew and I laughed and laughed over this.

sarah said...

not even a rebuttle from jeremy?

Jeremy Palmer said...

I am trying to recall what happened last Saturday night, but it is all a blur. I think Suzanne drugged my postum instant hot beverage and made me go get her that movie. Like I would watch that kind of a movie! I only watch Rambo.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Rambo, schmambo. Jeremy was so embarrassed to check out LHP that he told the clerk his mother-in-law couldn't wait to watch it! His nose immediately grew a whole foot . . . .

BTW Jeremy, best of luck on your exams that you've prepped so diligently for.


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