Monday, December 17, 2007

20 Questions, Toddler-style

Miriam came into our room at 1 o'clock this morning, asking for a story. As usual, for the short trip from her room to our room, she had brought with her her blankie, teddy, and other sleepytime lovies.

"Sleepytime lovey," in Miriam's case, does not always mean something soft and cuddly. She often insists on taking her sunglasses to bed, or a few matchbox cars.

So early this morning, when Jeremy got up and put Miriam back in her own bed, Miriam started crying and saying she needed something. Apparently, she had left one of her special bedtime objects in our room.

But we couldn't understand what she was asking for. Jeremy decided to narrow it down a little bit.

"Do you want your car?"


(Repeat with several other objects)

"OK, is it big or small?"


"What color is it?"


"Where did you leave it?"

"On the floor!"

Jeremy came back in our room and told me that Miriam was crying for something small and red, that was probably on the floor. Immediately, I realized that she wanted the Christmas matryoshka doll that she had taken with her to bed that night. Jeremy found it on the floor almost underneath our bed, and once he gave it to Miriam, she was able to calm down.

These kinds of toddler mysteries are hard to solve, especially in the middle of the night.


Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a night like ours last night...only ours is a little tougher still.

Do you want the swing?

"WAAAAAAAAAA!" I'll take that as a no.

Do you want to nurse?

"WAAAAAAAAA!" I'll take that as a no.

Do you want mom to stand up and walk around with you?

"WAAAAAAAAAA!" I'll take that as a no.

Do you want to lay in your crib and scream your head off?

"WAAAAAAAAAAA!" We have a winner.

Of course, I can only stand her screaming for about 30 seconds before I start going insane so laying in her crib doesn't last long either.

I look forward to the days of 20 questions...are they easier than these days? Maybe I shouldn't look forward to them... :)

Liz Johnson said...

What? Like it's weird to cuddle a matrushka doll at night? Tell Miriam that I've got her back.

Shannan said...

Hey quickly -
what is the name of the Elizabeth Smart book you read a couple of months ago? I'm updating my library hold list. Thanks!!

Bridget said...

In Plain Sight: The Startling Truth Behind the Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping, by Tom Smart. I can't remember if I ever posted about it. Maybe I should, because I LOVED the book.

Nancy, although it is nice to be able to talk to your child, they are not as reasonable as they seem.

Liz, what could possibly be more comfortable than cuddling a small, shiny, semi-fragile Christmas decoration while you sleep? Which reminds me, one night it was an actual Christmas ornament off the tree.

Crissy Bear said...

Ezra will ask for a story. Tell me a story mom. So I say, "Once there was a beautiful little boy. He went to the library. He played in the snow. He carried his sister around all day. Now he is tired and should go to bed." Then he'll say, "That wasn't true. Tell me another." And I'll say no and quickly run out. Hey were are grading 143 papers here and I don't have it in me to be understanding mommy this week...

Kristen said...

I happen to have a most treasured set of matryoshka dolls...given to me by a very very good friend. Do you remember them?


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