Saturday, December 29, 2007


Here are three things that I recently found out about the human race. I wish I hadn’t.

1. On our driving trip from Tucson up to Idaho, we stopped at the Tempe IKEA for lunch. We parked in the family-friendly parking section up front, and went inside to grab some food from the bistro. We ate it outside on the grass next to the family-friendly parking section so that Miriam could have maximum opportunity to stretch her legs. While we were there, we saw no fewer than three vehicles pull up and park in the family-friendly section – and then a lone adult with no child inside got out and walked into the store.

It’s possible that, in some corner of my mind, I knew, or at least suspected, that such people existed. But I certainly never thought they’d be the kind of person who would shop at IKEA.

2. While in Idaho, we took advantage of free grandparental babysitting to go see I Am Legend. It’s rated PG-13, and for good reason – it is a freaky movie about zombies. So you can imagine how disappointed I was that a mom and dad near the front of the theater thought it was a good idea to bring their 3-year-old with them to see the movie. At one point, the poor kid was crying (probably from terror), and his mom actually told him to shut up.

If your toddler is crying in a dark theater while watching a really scary movie, it’s not his problem, it’s yours.

3. At the same movie, the girl next to me talked through almost the entire show. She wasn’t on her cell phone, or even having an unrelated conversation with her date. She was giving all of us a running commentary on the events of the movie. “Is he going crazy?” “Ooh, he’s hanging upside-down.” “So the puppy grew up to be that dog.” I finally had to lean over and tell her to be quiet. I’ve never had to do that before.

I hope someday I can recover from my newfound knowledge and life can go on as normal.


Nancy said...

We just got home from the movie theater and we had a similar experience--we didn't shush the person sitting behind us, but we really wanted to! :)

And don't worry--there really are still good people in the world.

Shannan said...

I honestly can't believe that!!

I remember BK (before kids) we went to see Austin Powers and there were parents who brought young children to it and I remember thinking - I will never be like that - but then, I think we have taken both boys to all the Star Wars movies, all the Lord of the Rings, and I'm sure other action adventure movies that weren't exactly geared for the younger audience. But then, I don't even want to see I am Legend - I don't think my boys could handle it either.gotta balance it out.

And yes, my hubby got me the earbuds from Costco and I tried them out yesterday and they are awesome! I would never spend that much money on earphones, so it was good that it was a gift to me because I really like them, but would never have bought them for myself.

Shannon said...

Ha! That's great! We once went to a Jewel concert and had to deal with people behind us drowning out the singer with their own vocal "talents." I hadn't the backbone, however, to ask them to zip it.

I stumbled onto your blog today, googling you like you googled me ;) Your posts are so fun to read!

blogagog said...

Firstly, ALL poor people shop at IKEA. Why would you deny them such relatively cool temporary furniture while they grow their families and find more longlasting items?

Secondly, you wish to decide which people get to view "I am Legend"? I've clearly wandered into the silly liberal side of the net.

I wish you a good life, regardless. See ya!

The Palmer family said...

Bridget you better believe it. We saw the IKEA thing before too! and the movie, which I liked and didn't, see it all the time.

You have to remember that the average IQ is 100! that is low when you hang out with people in the 130+ range. And 50% of the population is below 100! That is retarded as far as I'm concerned.

Just lower your expectations and your fine! No really you still walk around thinking "are all these people retarded? " The answer in effect is an emphatic YES! jonathan

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I've stopped being surprised at the self-centered things people do. And I've become convinced that the balance in the world is tipped to the side of there being more good, upright people. Just the other day at Disneyland at least 3 employees in various areas of the park went out of their way for Daniel, our disabled son. One not only left her post to show him the bathroom (after he asked where it was), but stayed outside watching to make sure he found his way back in the dark. I believe in speaking up as much as is practical in both types of situations--when we see wrongdoing and when we see people doing right. So Disneyland will get an email; however, I would be cautious on the other side. It's one thing to ask someone to shush in a meeting or theatre (which we shouldn't hesitate to do), but it's entirely another to tell a gang member where they can park.

Bridget said...

Shannan, I also am glad the earbuds were a gift. Because I don't want to know how much they cost.

Shannon, I don't think I would have hesitated to tell them to be quiet. A concert is even worse than a movie!

Blogagog, I question your statement that *ALL* poor people shop at IKEA. But my incredulity is neither here nor there since I'm not sure what argument of mine you are rebutting. And sadly, no, I do not get to decide who sees what movie.

Jonathan, you make me laugh.

Mikael said...

I went to see that movie too and there was a 7 yr old kid sitting behind us. At one point when will smith was choking his dog to death the kid asked his dad "what is he doing?" and his dad replied "He is choking him to death! The dog is dead!!"
HORRIBLE! Who are these parents? No wonder we have kids that grow up to be violent killers and bad members of our society.


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