Sunday, December 02, 2007

The truest thing she's ever said

Two-month-old Miriam at her first IKEA trip.

Miriam and I had to be at our church for an activity at 8.15 this morning. Of course, on the one day when her normal early wake-up schedule would have worked out just right, she chose to sleep in. So I had no other choice than to wake her up, which every parent understands is a crime against nature.

The first thing she said when she opened her sleepy eyes was:

"IKEA is too far away!"

I couldn't agree more, Miriam. I couldn't agree more.


Nancy said...


I wonder if was a nightmare or a good dream...

Hareega said...

are they gonna open in tucson??

The Palmer family said...

I love IKEA. It is such an experience. I also love WALMART! HEHE! I don't know why I keep shopping at walmart because every time I do I have some sort of bad experience. Oh well.


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