Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Which is worse...

...having your wallet stolen, or having the contents of your wallet announced to the world?

From the December 7 edition of the BYU Police Beat:

A 26-year-old male reported his wallet stolen after using it at the Creamery on Ninth East. His driver's license, an American Express card, two debit cards, two credit cards and two Victoria's Secret gift cards were in the wallet when it was stolen.

(Emphasis mine.)

I've been thinking about this for a couple of days now, and I still haven't come up with a good reason why a male BYU student would have two Victoria's Secret gift cards in his wallet. If he's married, maybe he would have one and it would be for his wife. But what kind of a guy, at BYU at least, has two female friends who he buys lingerie for?

Does anyone else have a better idea of what could be going on here?

(Also, just FYI, the BYU Police Beat section is reliably entertaining reading. In fact, it's almost as good as the Letters to the Editor.)


Jen said...


I'm thinking he's either newly married or engaged and his wife/fiancee JUST had her bridal shower/wedding reception and got the gift cards as GIFTS.

If this hypothetical woman is anything like ME, she immediately gives all gift cards to her husband...

So that's my theory.

Eevi said...

I'm not creative enough to come up with any theories, but I love the link to the BYU NewsNet so I can check what's going on at BYU.

Also Christina and Phil mentioned how much fun they had with you guys last night--sorry we couldn't make it:( Hopefully we can figure out another night after Christmas:)

Crissy Bear said...

We miss BYU police beat as well, although we have a lovely Savoy police beat that works out as well. Recently someone dressed up a dead dog like Santa and put it on someones doorstep with a sign that said, "Will work for beer." Things like that make you realize you live in the hick half of the state. I think he must have drawn his married sister in the gift exchange and bought one card for her and one from his wife to them for Christmas. See he is trying to get the most bang for his buck and only go to one store. Then he put them in his wallet until he could distribute them because who needs a bag to carry around...at least that is what I'm hoping :)

Crissy Bear said...

PS what is the deal with your book choices as of late. Two hostage books in a month. It is making me nervous :)

Bridget said...

Hmm, excellent theories.

A close relative of mine has a story about not wanting to carry around a VS bag. But it's his to tell, not mine :).

Anna Lewis said...

Have you ever considered writing book reviews for literary journals? I think you should look into it because
a) you read a lot
b) you write well
c) journals rarely refuse good book reviews
d) you can get sweet moola
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Mikael said...

That is WAY funny. My husband would never carry anything VS in his wallet. He is even embaressed to walk in there with me on his arm! So the fact that this guy had 2 VS coupons, he is a SICKO.


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