Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Naptime for Hello Kitty

It seems like when I use the sink in the kitchen and then go to dry my hands, the kitchen towel is AWOL at least 80% of the time. Later on, when I don't need to dry my hands, I find the towels in the den, behind a trash can, in Miriam's toy box, etc. Obviously, I had my suspicions that the towels were being carried off by a certain 2-year-old, and today, those suspicions were confirmed:

I wish Miriam would have just told me that I was using Hello Kitty's blanket as my kitchen towel. Then all this confusion could have been avoided.
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Liz Johnson said...

Things like this make me excited to have a two-year old. Which is sorta weird, I think. But those glimpses inside their head are priceless.

I'm glad Hello Kitty is keeping warm.

Nancy said...

Cute :) Children are creative. They keep us young, I think.

Shannan said...

I know those kitchen towels! Ikea?

I have them too!

Jen said...

I'm pretty sure that there is a BIG difference between little GIRLS and little BOYS in this regard...If IAN had been in this situation, hello kitty would have been hanging by the foot with a kitchen-towel-rope... =)

jonesy said...

Hi Bridget! I just found your blog from nancy's website. I was looking at your Jordan blog and I can't believe how big Miriam is. She's so cute and it looks like she's still very popular among Arabs! Do you guys have any more Middle East adventures planned? We are dying to go back. -Arielle

The Palmer family said...

That's great! what a cutie miriam is. we sure miss you guys!

The Ensign's said...

Ohhhh soooo cute!!! What a cute little girl she is. They are very creative.


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