Thursday, January 17, 2008

One of these things is not like the others

Thanks to a birthday gift and two Christmas gifts, Jeremy and I now subscribe to three magazines. It's been a long time since we've been subscribers to anything - our most recent subscriptions before this year were to The Economist and FARMS in 2004ish - and I'm really excited about getting a few magazines in the mail each month. And since all of these subscriptions were gifts, I can say that it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Now, for what the title of this post refers to. The three magazines we're receiving are:

Smithsonian (a gift from my parents)

Foreign Policy (a gift from Jeremy's brother Dave)

...and Reader's Digest (a gift from Jeremy to me for my birthday last October). Woohoo! I have a strange love for this magazine due to the fact that I spent almost every summer of my childhood reading through stacks of old issues at my grandparents' house in California.

What magazines do you subscribe to, and are any of them incongruous with each other?


Nancy said...

We get the RD, too. I did the same thing at my grandparents' house--the big print edition, oh baby! PS...Mary Roach has my dream job. (A gift from my parents...the magazine, not the job).

We also get Saudi Aramco World. (It's can subscribe online. It has some cool articles and I like the layout a whole lot. Plus they give you a calendar every year!)

We get the Ensign in English and the Liahona in both Italian and Russian. Overkill? Maybe. These were originally wedding gifts but we've since had to pay for them.

We used to get a ton of baby and parenting magazines until I wrote and told them to STOP! I don't know why but they just kept sending them. I didn't ask them to. I didn't pay them to. They must have found out that I was pregnant somehow. Anyway, those are gone.

So just those three now: RD, Saudi Aramco, and the church magazines. Pretty soon we'll have to order the Friend, unless we just use the Italian and Russian articles that come in the Liahona. Hmmmm...I guess that's online, too...anyway. :) That's us.

Nancy said...

PS--January's RD. I was appalled. Did you notice the reflection of the phone isn't actually a reflection? They rotated it instead of flipping it. Ridiculous.

I like the RD but sometimes I feel it is full of bad writing, bad editing, and poor layout.

Still...I'm attached it it. :)

Bridget said...

I didn't count church magazines since we don't technically subscribe - we just look at the PDFs online.

You know, if you like magazines in foreign languages, you should figure out how to get RD in the US in Russian or whatever. They are the BEST for language practice because RD's style is so informal and immediate. The jokes section is pure linguistic gold. :)

Mikael said...

My mom gave me "traditional Home", like 6 free months, and I also got some Parenting mag for free somehow (although that one is boring).
I used to buy the gossip mags until Derek said they were innappropriate to have around the house.. I secretly indulge at the checkout when I go shopping

Shannan said...

Those are serious "smart" magazine choices.

I shamefully admit that i pretty much subsribe to gardening magazine and home deco. I used to subscribe to fashion, but it just made me want to lose 20 lbs and buy new clothes, so I opted for hobby magazines.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

About four years ago I had to temporarily give up some nice research-related periodicals such as Slovakia, Nase Rodina, The Septs, but am ready to re-subscribe--have more time to read again. But we kept up on Smithsonian & Grandma always gives us RD for Christmas. Magazines are great to keep in the car for traffic-jam reading, in the bathroom for bathtub reading, or pre-bedtime unwinding times, etc. Oh, I just this month re-subscribed to Natl Geo. And the Ensign I've always looked forward to.

Crys said...

I love the Reader's Digest. Every time I'm at the dentist I flip through to the funny parts hopping to relieve my mind...of course it doesn't work but it is still fun. Definitely a kick back to childhood. We get the Ensign, the Friend, and Wondertime which is kind of parenting magazine but they have some crafts and journaling helps I really like. I COVET NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC! Someday when I'm not so cheap we will probably have a basement full of them.

Bridget said...

Parenting and pregnancy magazines bug. From all the issues I've read in doctors' waiting rooms, they recycle the same stupid content over and over from month to month.

Shannan, instead of paying for a fashion magazine, I just get free JCrew catalogs (or whatever). I think the benefit is the same :).

I love that I'm not the only one who likes RD. But it's nice to have some variety now, even if I have to hide FP and Smithsonian when people come over so we don't look like the nerds we are (too late, maybe?).

Nancy said...

I'm with you on the pregnancy and parenting magazine thing. I still occasionally get things from Nestle--they make formula...which brand, I can't remember. Simalac, maybe.

Anyway, their "new game" for like the past 4 months has been "peek-a-boo." Puh-leeze! We discovered that like the minute Rachel could focus her eyes.

Yeah...they definitely recycle content and it definitely is annoying. :)

Hareega said...

Foreign Policy is a wonderful magazine. It gives an unbiased opinion about some very delicate issues that other magaiznes and TV channels do not think of discussing. It ALWAYS gives the two sides of the story.

Bridget said...

You know what else I love about Foreign Policy, Hareega? The letters to the editor. Holy cow, talk about erudition - and I mean that in the best possible way.

Hareega said...

you're right Bridget, the content is very powerful overall, much more profound than Time or Newsweek. They've talked about Al-JAzeera, lobbyists for ISrael and ISlam in Europe; these are topics usually handled very superficially by the media but they went into depth in FP , that what always makes me buy it (or take it from the shelf in Borders and read it there!)


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