Friday, January 04, 2008

Race-based gambling policies

We drove through Las Vegas last week and it reminded me of the following anecdote, which happened over a year ago but somehow never got posted.

Miriam and I flew to Portland, Oregon for a visit with my family shortly after her first birthday. We had a medium-sized layover in Las Vegas, so I found our gate and then let Miriam roam around (supervised, of course).

Of course, it being Vegas, there were slot machines in the airport. Specifically, there was a huge cluster of slot machines in a carpeted area right next to our gate. At that age, Miriam was still in the "aimless walking for the sake of walking, and also discovery" stage, and so she meandered into the gambling area.

Out of nowhere, a Hispanic woman in a uniform-type vest showed up and motioned for me to remove my one-year-old from the slot machine area. In heavily accented English, she explained:

"Minorities are not allowed in the gambling zone."

It was funny because I knew what she meant to say, and doubly funny because she herself was a minority, in the gambling zone. But I immediately herded Miriam away from the slot machines and I've been laughing about this incident from time to time ever since.


Jen said...

You should submit that to Readers' Digest. I laughed out loud...which is problematic...because my sick toddler is FINALLY asleep. =) Thanks a LOT, Bridget...

Kristen said...

Kudos for keeping a straight face during that one...or at least until you turned your back I hope.



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