Friday, February 29, 2008

Beat my score

I got this little gem from fellow nerd Andrew Heiss.

My first try:

My last (and third) try:

At least now I know how incomplete my geography knowledge is. I can generally tell you that a certain city is in a certain country, but exactly where in that country is not always as easy.

Try it, and tell us how you did!


Liz Johnson said...

First time - 22679. Second time - 25794. Hmm.

Ashley said...

My first time I got 22308, I am going to have Ben try, he is amazing at this stuff. It really helps when you have been there.

Steven Walker said...


sarah said...

wow you guys are good. i didn't get that high till about my 5th time :) i did know where the ones in turkey were though :)

Jen said...

first try learn something new every day! (I can't play again as I will get addicted).

Crys said...

Jason scored a 24,390...on his first and only shot. I'm never letting him on again because he said, "Man, I really need to do better then that." I on the other hand only scored 19,789. Hello human bio major here!

Hareega said...

you should download a facebook application called World Traveler IQ it's a great one , much more fun than this game


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