Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Near miss

We took a family walk to Best Buy on Saturday. You can get most of the way there on the river path, which is nice. I just love doing errands on foot or on bike, even if we do get some weird looks sometimes. What I don't like is Best Buy. I really don't mean to sound like a store snob, but 15 bucks for a network cord connector? Come on guys, it's a piece of plastic.

Anyway, on the way home, we were crossing a main road with a pedestrian signal and crosswalk. A car coming towards us, but turning left across the crosswalk, didn't see us there and came thiiiiiis close to hitting us. In fact, he came close enough for us to see who it was - our friends the Saudis. So we all laughed at the near miss and went our separate ways.

Later, I got to thinking about this. Why was it OK to almost be hit by a car in a crosswalk just because we happen to know and like the offending driver? Was it because he was Middle Eastern, and so we figured crazy Middle Eastern driving "rules" applied, and thus excused him?

I have no idea.


Liz Johnson said...

You can get the cheapest cables, cords, and electronic stuff at You might never have to go to Best Buy again.

Danny and Julee George said...

Thats funny; those silly Saudis'!
I am glad that you will be in the country this summer. Then, maybe, I will have a chance of talking to you.

Hareega said...

those crazy Arabs :)
I still piss off many people, unintentionally, while driving in the US, the little Jordanian in me always forgets the rules of driving in the US. The thing I'll never get used to is "I can't srive on the biking lane"
That biking lane on Mountain, whenver I drive there it becomes the nightmare of every biker in tucson. I'm so fortunate I haven't killed anyone.

Crys said...

Almost dying in a crosswalk is SCARY! It is hilarious though that when you realized it was your Arab friends you kind of blew it off a bit :) I'm excited for your summer. I would love to go East and that town looks awesome. Plus who can complain about free room and board. Knowing me though I'd gain fifteen pounds the first week. Also does your Arab speaking contract only apply to speaking or should we pull out our Arab English dictionaries to translate the summer blogs?


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