Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pink Sparkly Shoe Saga

Let me tell you the story of Miriam's pink sparkly shoes.

I first bought her a new pair of dressy shoes in December to go with her Christmas dress and other church outfits. I bought them on sale at Target, and they were super cute. I use the past tense because after 10 days, they looked like this:

As you can see, the "sparkly" part of the "pink sparkly" was disappearing at an alarming rate. I had already thrown away the receipt since the shoes fit. I certainly hadn't anticipated such shoddy quality. I decided to try my luck returning them to the store anyway. To my surprise, they took them back without a fight. Target must be taking lessons from Costco.

The problem was, Miriam still needed some pink sparkly shoes. She was distraught without them. So one afternoon, we headed out to the stores and found a new pair. They were more expensive than the Target shoes, but they were very, very cute. Observe:

We were all happy with this purchase and I thought the saga had ended. Until...

On Saturday, we visited with an Iraqi refugee family all afternoon. When we finally left, we loaded Miriam up in the car and drove a couple of miles down the road to pick up a few things at Costco (note to self: recommit to the family rule of never going to Costco on a Saturday. At the very least, never go there the day before the Super Bowl). When we got out of the car in the Costco parking lot, we saw one pink sparkly shoe sitting on our car roof, and realized instantly what had happened.

Jeremy drove back to the Iraqis house while Miriam and I did the shopping. He came back empty-handed. I just couldn't believe that we had lost a member of the special pair of pink sparkly shoes!

When we were all in the car together, I decided to take advantage of a potential gospel teaching moment. We said a prayer with Miriam to help us find her pink sparkly shoes. And it took three sweeps of the road we had driven down, but somehow, we saw her tiny shoe strewn on the side of the road near a drainage ditch. Success!

I think we were more excited about the recovery than Miriam was. For all she knew, it was some kind of weird game we were playing. But I, at least, am very glad to be spared the job of finding yet another pair of pink sparkly shoes for little Miriam's feet.


Mikael said...

I LOVE that you used this as a "teaching moment" and said a prayer. You are such a good mommy! YAY for pink sparkly shoes :)

Crys said...

I love the teaching moments! Sometime this year little E started having a vivid enough imagination that he actually has nightmares. When we have family prayers he insist that we pray that he will have only good dreams. A couple of days ago he asked me, "Mom will I only have good dreams because we prayed that." I of course at that moment was saying a silenter prayer, "Please Heavenly Father, tonight especially let him have good dreams" :) I'm so glad you found your shoes! Also very brave taking the shoes in without the recipe. I'm very impressed!

Nancy said...

I saw those same shoes in red and almost bought some to save for a future Dorothy costume. Andrew talked me out of it :)

I loved your story though :) Kids are so cute with what they remember--I had a similar thing happen with a pair of slippers once and I still remember praying and finding it. Hopefully Miriam will remember as well.


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