Saturday, February 23, 2008

The rest of the story

After writing down what happened to us at PF Chang's (and I didn't even give you all the little details, such as the fact that there was no lemon in our water. If you've never lived in Tucson, you probably don't realize what an insult that is, but let me inform you that Tucson tap water tastes like pure minerals), I realized once again what a terrible experience we had. So I went ahead and called the restaurant and asked to speak to the manager.

He came on the line and asked what he could help me with. I told him we had had a negative experience with our server the night before. He asked what the server's name was, and I told him. I was about to continue and explain exactly what happened, but he stopped me and said something like this: "That's it. I've had it with taking complaints about her. Consider her gone. I am not dealing with her messes anymore."

Tentatively, I asked if ours was not the first complaint he'd ever had about her. And from what he said, I could tell that they've been having problems with our server for a long time.

So basically, my phone call put him over the edge and he probably fired her. Do I feel bad about this? Kind of. But then I remind myself that if she had any interest in keeping her job, she wouldn't go around hating her customers so much.

And it's not like PF Chang's is at the end of the restaurant job food chain, either. I hope she'll find somewhere to work where she doesn't have to deal with people. At ALL.


Nancy said...

Man, some people just shouldn't be in public service positions. Ever.

This one girl that I know was explaining how she wanted a waitressing job because she used to wait tables but quit because she hates serving people.

And then she and this other girl launched into how annoying customers are.

"Like, when people order an appetizer, and an entree, and dessert and you have to, like, go to their table a million times.

Ew! And places that have "free refills" with chips or drinks are horrendous to work for. Why can't people just eat what you give them and shut up? They always want more. Just because it's free doesn't mean I want to refill your chip bowl three times."

Wow, I was quite appalled.

Perhaps it was the girl I overheard's possible she moved to AZ after graduation and got a job at PF Changs.

Seriously, what do people think a waitressing job is?

Anyway...hopefully your next night out will be a little happier. :)

Liz Johnson said...

Having been a waitress for 2 years, I can tell you that her manager and probably her coworkers are thanking you for making that call. Generally those that were miserable to their customers were also miserable to be around. I say 'good riddance' to her and applaud you!

Crys said...

Seesh Bridget I was just hopping you'd get another free appitizer :) By the way you know how I feel about that movie but when I tell my sister and sister in-law that your brother is going to have a part in the bio class they are going to freak. What it is with you people :)

Crys said...

PS my friend was just talking to me about Baby Catcher. She was going to drop it by. How funny is that!

Kristen said...

Yeah....sorry I got so overzealous on the last one without reading further. This is the sweet taste of retribution, and she truly deserved it, it wasn't just you. Think of all the other people she tormented who never spoke up. I enjoyed Nancy's post because it's true, foodservice is a special job for special people. Everyone thinks they can do it, but only a few can do it well and actually enjoy it. But it is still hilarious to talk like that with people who know what you are talking about, because people are funny!


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