Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Déjà vu

Just like old times: we haven't had running water in our house for part of yesterday and all day today. Someone driving on the main road perpendicular to our short lane hit our water control box (whatever that is) and the plumbers have been working on fixing it all day long. In the meantime, our water has been turned off. One of our neighbors called me earlier today, worried about how I was coping with no water since I'm the only one on our lane with a child. I just laughed and told her we'd lived in the Middle East and that it was no big deal to not have running water for days at a time.

The truth is, it kind of is a big deal, so that wasn't really the right word to use. It's just that we've been through all this before, and we inevitably find ways to cope.

It's getting old now, since it's 9 o'clock at night and I'd really like to take a shower, but it makes me laugh because one of the first things we are thankful for whenever we come back to America is that at least we can count on having running water all the time. The joke's on us, I guess.


Lark said...

this just happened to us, kind of. our water heater broke on Sat and didn't get fixed until yesterday (tues). Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal but with a new baby etc it was kind of annoying. And I have had my share of cold bucket showers in other countries, but you expect it there like you said, and its warmer there in general. I hope your water is back on...I feel your pain.
And I just read your pregnancy post - congratulations! I loved 2 kids - it was managable. 3 is kind of killing me...jk, but its been harder so far. Love the pregnancy board - that definately started after we left. Sorry I missed out on that :)

Shannan said...

Hey Bridget!

I just read your announcent and CONGRATULATIONS! You said you guys find out today how the baby is doing and what it is, so I will anxiously anticipate the results.

And like you, I ran until i was 18 wks pregnant and biked until about 32 weeks pregnant. I exercised the whole pregnancy and did prenatal yoga almost daily. All that to be said, I had a wonderful and fantastic delivery (4 hours!), no tears, I had completely healed within one week and now at 2.5 weeks postpartum, I'm back in the gym (with light exercises, of course). There is something to be said about keeping active. Good luck!!

PS - are you going the midwife route this time? I figured you would and I do highly recommend it:)



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