Friday, March 28, 2008

Wijvenweek: My Household

Sometimes I find myself talking to Jeremy about household devices/gadgets/objects that I love. If I watch closely, I can actually see his eyes glaze over as I go on and on about stuff that makes my life easier. I guess it's a good thing I have this girly blog for wijvenweek so I can finally tell you all about some of my favorite household items!!! In no particular order, of course.

1. My magnetic silicone (?) hot pad (does anyone besides my family call it that) from IKEA. It sticks right on the fridge so I don't even have to open a drawer or cabinet to access it. Bonus: it also works well as a jar opener.

2. Cheese slicers and ice cream scoops. We own three each of these, which tells you how often we use them (and possibly how often - or not - we run the dishwasher in our house).

3. Those Clorox disposable toilet scrubbers. To be honest, I laughed out loud when I first saw these, thinking they were absolutely ridiculous. Then Costco had a really good coupon on them, and I thought I'd try them out. And I love them! So does Miriam. She is the world's best toilet scrubber helper.

4. Shower Power cleaner. I got hooked on this stuff in college and really, nothing else compares. Especially when you have Tucson water that leaves behind disgusting, hard-to-clean residue on everything it touches (seriously, what is that stuff??).

5. Vinegar. For everything else that I can't in good conscience use Shower Power for.

6. Pledge dusting spray. I had a strange fascination with this stuff in childhood. My mom probably wonders why we went through so many cans of it. Well, it's because I just couldn't get enough of it. It makes everything so shiny and beautiful, especially my piano. Dusting is one of my favorite chores.

7. My IKEA dish scrubber with a suction cup on the bottom. It stands upright on the edge of the sink so it's there when I need it, but not in my way when I don't.

8. Costco disinfecting wipes. I mention the specific Costco brand only because they are huger and scrubbier than any other brand of wipes that I've tried. This is one of those products where I don't know what we did before they existed!

What have you always wanted to rave about to your husband, if only he cared? Please share. I'm sure there are many more things that I haven't mentioned.


The Ensign's said...

Magic Erasers!!!! They are my fav and I always have to have them in my house. They are wonderful. I seriously should work for the company because I tell everyone about them and I need to start getting paid for it.

Liz Johnson said...

Bleach. I have a weird obsession with bleaching things.

I also like to rant and rave about various weird things in pregnancy, and I swear Chris's head starts to spin on his shoulders after 4 words.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

So that's where the Pledge went! You can dust every day while you're here next month.

One of the best tools in my kitchen is our ice cream 'shovel'. It is shaped more like a shovel than a scoop, it's indestructible, and as ugly as all getout. My folks bought it when I was a kid and even though it has no value or beauty, I asked for it when they moved last time. It digs into hard ice cream right out of the deep freeze and never bends, nor does it hold on to the ice cream like scoops tend to do. Am so attached that I break into a sweat when it's momentarily missing--it's irreplaceable. But I'm the only one who seems attached to it.


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