Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wijvenweek: wat mannen niet begrijpen

Or: "What men don't understand."

Let me tell you what men don't understand.

Jeremy was walking out the door to go play paintball with friends this afternoon, and on the way, he grabbed a bag of post-Easter-discounted Cadbury Mini Eggs from my secret hoard in the fridge:

Do you see what's wrong with this scene? A bunch of guys on a paintball outing would devour these rich treats, meant for a discerning, tender palate, as if they were common M&Ms. I tried to explain this to Jeremy, but he just didn't understand.

Probably because he's a man.

(I can say that because it's Wijvenweek.)

Tomorrow is a free topic, and I think I'll write about my experience working from home. I've had this job for over six months, but somehow, I've never posted about it. The reign of silence will end tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Scott and I had some trouble adjusting to each other's chocolate habits when we first got married. I like to keep stashes of good quality chocolate, which I eat in small quantities. Scott likes to eat a lot of chocolate (of any kind) all at once, so my hoardes of Ghirardeli and Toblerones were always being ransacked. So, I can relate to this post.


Crys said...


Bridget said...

Hannah and Crystal, thanks for the validation.

The good news is, when he came home, they'd only eaten half the bag. So at least I have that consolation.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Mmmm, I have a husband-chocolate problem that's entirely different. Occasionally he brings home a quality chocolate treat he has received at work or church, and he may even comment about how he looks forward to eating it. But because he is not a chocoholic, he will save it for a special time, even if that time is a year away. Week after week I'll dust around that piece or bag of chocolate, salivating all the while. Then one of two things happens: many moons later he decides to eat it, and comments on how it tastes stale (read: rancid) OR, my willpower finally fails and I eat it while it's still good. A year later he asks me what happened to that chocolate so and so gave him! Then I confess, but point out that I did him a favor--saving him from the misery of eating a rancid piece of chocolate.

Nattie said...

Bridget, I'm so sorry I missed you in Tucson...Hope you're feeling well.

I don't have a husband-chocolate problem. Jon doesn't like chocolate unless it has peanut butter in it and I only like it if it's sufficiently dark. Good luck with that.

Mikael said...

the mini eggs are the BEST! I didn't have any this year, I spent my sugar allotment on peeps, but I miss them.


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