Thursday, April 24, 2008

Running to terms

I went on my last run on Monday morning. Almost every run for the last two or three weeks has been my "last," but somehow, the next day, I get up and do it all over again. And at the end of it, I tell myself (and Jeremy, poor guy) that that was my last one.

But Monday's really was the very last one, and I'm hoping that by putting it on this blog, it will be more official. Of course, I was hoping to be able to continue running for at least a little bit longer during this pregnancy, but at 25 weeks, it just wasn't feeling good anymore.

The problem is, I am really struggling with this sudden hole in my life. I've run regularly off and on (I promise that description makes sense) for 13 years now - half of my entire life. In high school, it was cross country and (distance) track every year, for four years. I ran the occasional road race in college and managed to be in Portland a few years in a row for the Columbia Classic 15K - one of my favorite races ever, besides the Hood/Portland to Coast relay.

Our year living in Moscow necessitated a break from exercising out of doors in the city. We played tennis at Rosinka a few times while visiting friends, and the embassy gym was also great for using the elliptical machine while watching CNN International. I suppose I could have gone running outside except that a friend of a friend went running faithfully every day in Moscow and when he got back to America, his doctor took one look at his lungs and told him he needed to stop smoking so much.

The most adventurous exercising I did in the Middle East was going on walks, exploring ruins, and just living everyday life (it takes a lot out of you sometimes).

But here in Tucson, I've always gone running, always with Miriam in the jogging stroller. It's been the only reliable "me" time I get, since Miriam has learned that when we are running, she has to leave me alone.

And now I feel disgustingly sedate and inactive. I hate walking, but I have a feeling that that's going to be my only option soon. I am still biking, but it takes more time and effort to set up (Miriam in the bike trailer) and the fewer obstacles in the way of exercise, the better.

So it's farewell to running, for a few months at least. I hope by the time we get back to Tucson in late August, I will be almost ready to get going again.


Liz Johnson said...

I am still super impressed. Could you do a walk/run mix? I occasionally try to sprint a little bit while I'm walking... mostly so that I can tell Chris that I walk/ran that day. It just sounds better than simply a walk. :)

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Walking is a good alternative and you can get a good workout doing it, at least around here with our hills. On the flats take long but quick strides and you should be able to work up a little sweat. It's a mental health booster to be out of doors soaking up Vitamin D.

Mikael said...

oh bridget, I TOTALLY feel you on this one. I have danced and been active since I was 4 yrs old, and pregnancy has to be the hardest thing for me, especually this "high risk" pregnancy, I can't do a THING! I even had to stop teaching.
But on the lighter side, think of it as a time we devote directly to our little ones and getting them here.
As for me, my activity right now consists of walking to the bathroom every 15 minutes, and that is hard work!!!
But in about 2-3 months I will be able to hit the treadmill again, and in the fall I plan on dancing TONS MORE!! YAY

Shannan said...

love the new look of your blog!

I stopped running around 16 weeks pg and started walking. I also did a pregnancy yoga DVD daily and by week 32 started doing a pregnancy workout DVD. It seemed to do the trick. My recovery was incredible although my weight gain was the same as with the other pregnancies.

Crys said...

So I'm impressed you made it as long as you did. Good work Bridget! I do understand though missing the morning run. Their is something about it that just allows me to tune everything out...well besides election stuff. I run on the treadmill and the kid in the gym with me at the same time always has election stuff on. I'm getting a little tired of listening to that over and over. Once Jason gives me my new IPod though we will be back in business...well at least that's what I'm hoping he gives me for our anniversary. Hopefully walking will give you a little bit of that.


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