Saturday, May 17, 2008


Last week, I went through our closet and pulled out the newborn stuff in preparation for Sasha 2.0's birth. The thing is, she's not due to make an appearance for another 2.5 months - August 3rd, to be exact. Was this some kind of nesting instinct gone haywire?

Not really. I'm in the singular situation of having to pack everything I will need for a newborn way ahead of time because we're moving soon. The other wrinkle is that we're coming back after the baby is born - so I don't want to just bring everything, even if we did have the room. So I have to decide now just how many onesies, blankets, and burp rags to bring with us to Middlebury.

I think I set aside pretty much everything I absolutely need to care for a newborn for a few weeks. Depending on when she's born, Sasha 2.0 will probably be between one month and one week old when we fly back to Tucson. Here's my minimalist-to-a-fault must-haves (not including stuff like diapers and wipes - I doubt I'll be packing those across the country):

1. onesies
2. burp rags
3. nursing pads and sundry nursing clothing items for me
4. lap pads
5. sling
6. baby monitor - I debated for a while about this one. But I have no idea how our dorm apartment is laid out, so better safe than sorry (for this item at least)
7. blankets. I haven't decided how many.

Am I forgetting anything essential?


JackJen said...

You know, you are MORE than welcome to borrow newborn stuff from us. MORE than welcome. Seriously. We have tons.

Liz Johnson said...

If you are, then so am I. That is literally everything I packed for our stint in Utah for the newborn... since I plan on being here until the kid is all of 3 weeks old (if that).

Jeanerbee said...

Breast pump. A few sleepers in case it gets chilly in the evening. It's amazing how little we ACTUALLY need to care for a newborn considering the mass marketing of baby stuff, huh!

Bridget said...

Liz, you give birth, and then tell me if you were missing anything. And then I'll borrow it from Jen. :)

Nine, I thought about the pump and I just can't decide. I might bring it just in case, because to not have it if I needed it would be a major pain (literally).

JackJen said...

I cannot lend you a breast pump.


Anything else, check.
Breast pump, uncheck.

Jeanerbee said...

I could lend you my breastpump, lol. I definitely got engorged when my milk came in last time so it was helpful for me.

Jennifer said...

Don't forget the car seat and stroller...

Mikael said...

I think you are forgetting the diaper wipe warmer!! HAHA
k... what about a breast pump?

Shannan said...

i have the ISIS breast pump which is the portable non-electric one that is perfect! Easy to pack and travel with. If you want it, we could come up with a very inexpensive and fair price ($25?)

Also, would you be able to get a boppy? That was my number one lifesaver. The baby slept in it because it held his head up and encircled him and he loved it. Plus my husband used it to support his arms when holding and feeding baby, I used it when nursing. It's big and bulky, but it is a must have for me.

Also make sure you bring a blanket that is big enough for swaddling. That was a lifesaver for me the first two months. Chase just graduated from swaddling.


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