Monday, June 02, 2008

Evergreen-colored glasses

Miriam walking on the beach at the Oregon Coast.

We're in Oregon now, visiting my family. We haven't been here for a year and a half, so I've had some time to forget what it's like here, apparently. We arrived in the middle of the night and when I stepped outside the house the next morning, it was like I was in a place where nature uses a completely different color palette. It really felt like I was wearing some kind of filtered glasses that let in all the greens, rich browns, and manicured lawns, and filtered out any kind of desert sandy color or direct sunshine.

I also hadn't realized how vast and open the desert feels. Here in Oregon, it wouldn't be hard to feel claustrophobic because of all the rolling hills and trees that tower over everything. You can't really see anything for any great distance.

But of course, I love it. Jeremy's been giving me a bad time for the past few days because of all the good things I've been saying about the Northwest. The other day, someone in front of us ran a red light and Jeremy sarcastically said, "Can you believe that, Bridget? Can you believe that someone who lives in Oregon ran a red light?!?!? I thought that only happened in Tucson!" So maybe I've taken it a little over the top, but in any case, it's nice to be back for a visit.

Soon we'll head off to Vermont and start that adventure. I'll be keeping the same blog address but I'll probably temporarily change the name to My Adventures in Middlebury. I hope that doesn't confuse anyone too much.


Jennifer said...

Isn't the northwest wonderful like that? :)

Aimee & Fam said...
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Aimee & Fam said...

Ha ha, I laughed out loud and read your post to my husband, because he sarcastically says many, many similar things when we are visiting Oregon. It must be a longing for the northwest "thing."

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The first time I came to PDX I felt claustrophobia because the tall trees blocked views of the sky and mountains. Then I decided I could live here, but only if there were no firs in close proximity to my house, and that has worked out well. The colors are intense, the air is refreshing, and evergreen and floral smells waft through the air. Within an hour from my house are at least a dozen major waterfalls, any one of which would be a major tourist site by itself, yet on some trails you pass one after another. A lovely place to live!

Anonymous said...

Have a good time in Oregon! I'll be there later this summer myself, seeing my relatives in Eugene, and then going with them to the coast. It's really a beautiful state.


breanne said...

The picture of Miriam is adorable!

Mikael said...

I wish I could see you! Call me if you have time. I know you are busy, and I am basically bed ridden!


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