Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Inconvenience" doesn't quite describe it

You know how sometimes, there's an incident at a place of business and to protect everyone else from one person's stupidity they have to put up a sign?

Well, if that's the case here (a feminine product dispenser in a women's restroom in a Portland movie theater), I don't even want to know what the incident was.

("This machine does not dispense tampons it dispenses sour drops. We apologize for any inconvenience.")

And yes, we're in Middlebury now, as of 12 hours ago, but any posts about that will have to wait for a minor blog re-design.


Liz Johnson said...

What, you've never used a sour drop in a pinch?


Kristen said...

What the heckarooney is a sour drop? Seriously, I've never heard of it.


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