Monday, August 11, 2008

Down to the dregs

It's the last week of the language schools here in Middlebury, and I think the cafeteria staff is raiding the back of the freezer to stock the ice cream selection. Not that this blog is only about pregnancy and food or anything, but here are a few of the kinds of ice cream that have made an appearance in the last few days:

Mint Ting-a-ling with Soy Nuts (what the?!?)
Pistachio NoNut
Frozen Pudding - this one is completely indecipherable. It's orange with chunks of amber and brown in it. There are scoop marks in the carton, so somebody out there has tried it, but who?

And, on a night (last night) when Ice Cream Sundaes was advertised on the menu, here were the ice cream bases available to top with hot fudge or caramel:
Lemon Sorbet
Frozen Pudding
Black Cherry

Mmm, a hot-fudge lemon sorbet sundae. So appetizing!

The problem is that none of the flavors can be replaced until the carton is empty. Of the above four, I think lemon sorbet is our best bet for disappearing the fastest. I pledge to do my part, at least. But Frozen Pudding is there to stay, I'm afraid. I told Jeremy he should just go up there, clean out a flavor, dump it, and then tell a cafeteria employee that they needed to bring out a new flavor. It would be doing us all a favor. But he's a man of principles and so he rejected my idea. Perhaps as things get more desperate, he will change his mind.


EmmySue said...

Love it! Still Laughing. I'm quite the ice cream fan... but those flavors might make even me think twice. Sounds almost as good as the good ol' days, "bubble gum" ice cream. We're excited for your return to meet the new family.

Aimee said...

Wow, as an ice cream lover, I have to admit that none of those sound very appetizing, which is a downright shame.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I was pleasantly surprised that on my last day in Middlebury they replaced the repulsive-looking frozen pudding with my favorite, coffee ice cream. It's just as well that it didn't appear sooner or someone would have had to roll me onto the plane in a wheelbarrow.


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