Thursday, August 28, 2008

If only I were making this up

Today, while waiting in my car at a red light, I witnessed a woman walking in the crosswalk while (in increasing order of unbelievability) talking on a cell phone, smoking a cigarette, lugging along her baby in one of those carseat tupperwares, almost getting hit by a car, and then flipping that driver off while screaming obscenities at him.

When I replay the memory in my mind (*shudder*), I still can't picture exactly which hand it was that gave the driver the bird. And yet, I know it happened because my jaw about hit the floor of my car when I saw it. I think she had her cell phone tucked between her ear and her shoulder, which would have left her non-cigarette-smoking hand free to make the gesture, even if the elbow of said arm was engaged in holding the carseat. And they say we moms can't multi-task!

Now let us never speak of this incident again, except possibly in the comments section. Thank you.


JackJen said...

ummmmmmm....... as an adoptive parent, these situations make me shake my head probably more than most.

Liz Johnson said...

So what you're saying is that I should stop smoking and swearing in the street? Or just leave my kid home when I do it? What's the moral here?


Hareega said...

Some people should not be allowed to have kids. How to do that without violating people's freedoms is challenging, but needs to be done.

Fromagette said...

That poor child. And Liz, you probably should cut out the smoking and swearing on the street. :)

Marianne said...

YIKES! Need I say more.

Kristen said...

This brings back a very distinct memory. Once, in high school, I was on the receiving end of the profanities from what could only be this same woman. I stopped at a stop light before turning right. My light turned green and I took my foot off the brake, causing the car to begin forward movement. At the same time, a woman with a couple of kids stepped into the crosswalk to my right, where I was about to turn. The moment I saw them I braked again, to let them walk across the street of course. I was not very close to them, but the woman yelled at me to watch where I was bleeping going, or something like that. It made me so mad because I clearly *was* watching where I was going, or else I would not have stopped before running them over. It was one of those situations that just makes your tummy feel icky the rest of the day because you wish you could go back and tell her off for being such an idiot. And for swearing and yelling in front of her children.


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