Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why are beer commercials always the funniest?

With all the Olympics we've been watching, we've seen quite a few commercials. I hate all of them, except this one:

I can't quite put my finger on what is so hilarious to me about this advertisement. Is it the identifiability with the loud cell phone guy? Is it the particular phrases he uses, especially the über-annoying "where are you at" construction? Is it the quasi-Mexican accent of the beer guy? Is it the way his voice sounds oddly dubbed? Or is it, and I think it is, the peculiar way he says "cerveza"?

(The audio sync on the clip is slightly off, which is too bad, because half the fun is the timing. Hopefully, you've been lucky enough to see this ad in person.)


Liz Johnson said...

If I drank beer, I would drink Tecate. As an homage to mi pais, if you will. :)

And I think it's the way the guy says "cerveza." That cracked me up.

I also secretly like the commercials. Especially the one on the bike. Don't ask me why.

Arielle said...

I just found out one of our good friends is Jeremy's distant cousin. Cles Ward. Do you know him?


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