Monday, September 08, 2008

Checkout stand language police

I was at Fry's yesterday and saw this magazine cover:

Besides the unnaturally bright whites of Angelina's eyes, what is wrong with this picture, linguistically speaking?

My friends, am I right or am I right: you cannot battle an adjective. It's like the big headline in yellow just walks right off a cliff - the end of it is completely missing. "Doctors fear that Angelina is now battling post-partum depression" - I'm pretty sure that's what they want us to infer. But why leave the crucial noun out of the headline? As it stands, all we can be sure of is that Angelina is battling post-partum-ness, which hasn't been news for about two months since she, you know, had her babies (post-partum is Latin for "after birth").

Does this kind of thing bother anyone else? Or is it shameful that of all things, I'm starting to get anxious when checkout stand tabloids make grammatical errors? Some days I'm afraid I'm even worse than Ken Jennings.


Liz Johnson said...

I think that's a picture of a wax figurine. It looks really creepy to me.

And as you can probably guess, I don't notice many grammatical errors anywhere. Although I have noticed several spelling errors in the CNN ticker lately, and it drives me absolutely BATTY. EVEN A CHILD CAN USE SPELL-CHECK.

Britney said...

Perhaps the editor thought "depression" was implied, and is lobbying to alter the definition of "postpartum" entirely, much like the way our favorite adjective "green" was altered recently?

As you can tell, I'm with you and Ken. In Touch was out of touch this week... grammatically speaking.

Kristen said...

Well I am just glad that Britney is dating again. You go girl!

Mikael said...

I used to read (rather, look at the pictures) of these mags a while back. Then I stopped because my hubby hated them.
well, I pick them up here and there to actually READ an article, and I feel that when I am down to the 2nd or 3rd paragraph nothing has been said and I am stupider than when I started. these articles say nothing, it is just a bunch or words thrown together to make a page with a pic of angelina. nerdy!
But I can say that she is most likely recovering from her tummy tuck (something that I will get one day)


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